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  1. Clearly, you have not read my post carefully. I am happy to offer advice when asked. But I don't DISH it out with wanton verbal abuse like your good self. I don't fill in profile page as I value my privacy and to avoid sharing personal information with people like you. My age has no bearing on the topic and rest assured that topics that you tend to intervene in usually have a low chance of being highbrow, given that they usually end up with you calling people who do not have an intimate knowledge of, say, an airliners flight management systems, idiots. Indeed my post was intended to highlight
  2. What can I say Snave, you are missing the point. The point is not about the perceived monetary loss, but about the effect this will have on future behaviour when a new product is launched. The enquiry I made privately via email to Aerosoft was simply that, an enquiry about the possibility of an extension of that offer to individuals who had bought the product merely hours before. If you are not familiar with the concept of consequences reinforcing or extinguishing behaviour, that is another matter but just because you are unaware of it, it doesn't mean it has no bearing on how customers will b
  3. I sent Aerosoft an email to enquire about the possible extension of the discount given that I bought the Bronco maybe a couple of hours or so before the launch of the 25% discount.... before I came across this thread. I agree with EDNR-Cruiser's remarks on how this will hurt future early-bird sales. It has nothing to do with the practice of discounting products being a bad thing as Mathijs kept repeating. In fact I was astonished at how Mathijs kept failing to understand EDNR's point. I was even more astonished that the omniscient Snave did not process this from a behavioural/ behavioural econ
  4. Hitchhiker

    REX Support

    Were you planning to send the payment via a messenger pigeon (which, on the way, might be exposed to calamities such as becoming a snack for birds of prey, being fried by lightning, or simply dropping the payment due to sloppily tied knot), or a slighly more modern way say via Air Mail which in turn is fraught with the danger of having the payment snatched by a disgruntled or simply opportunistic (not to mention dishonest) cargo handler or postal worker? It's a tough decision.
  5. I would like to see this person caught as soon as possible as much as you do, and from my point of view I will feel somewhat awkward posting bugs and all that knowing that someone reading is potentially that person. But Mathijs seems on the case and if this wise-guy tries again he will be caught red-handed this time around.
  6. Andromeda, in your last post.. I said none of what you quoted. It was someone else.
  7. I say this rather candidly... I don't know how this might even affect the low-end market. Even the current beta still needs a fair amount of work to make it closer to RTM, so what kind enjoyment one would get from an even earlier beta like this I wouldln't know, and I see it unlikely that any of the people who downloaded it (who might have expected it to be almost the finished product) will use it for more than a few minutes.
  8. Kwiss, I can't speak for the rest of the beta testers of course.. but rest assured I am not doing it to get a complimentary copy at the end. I am giving Aerosoft some of my time because apart from having a passion for this hobby I hope that with the input that the beta testers are providing, the final product will provide a better experience for a wide range of users, particularly when suggesting things that might have not made the initial release for one reason or another, other than just finding and reporting bugs. When I saw Mathijs' original post about this and being rather annoyed (to
  9. There's at least two reasons why not. Clickability should indicate functionality. Thus if it's not clickable, it removes any ambiguity. Secondly, it adds model complexity and therefore drawing more resources from the system which would be better spent doing something else.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, but credit for the reflection and base paint ought to go to the people who did the paintkit! They provided an excellent canvas on which to work.
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