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  1. TY Herman. Sure, it seems so little in this picture ? It was bigger in my memories... ;)
  2. Hi, I Sent to support more 5 mails since one month and NONE answer ! Why ?
  3. OK, where can I found the Aerosoft's datas to send payment ? Not in the mail , I've received only two pdf files and my personal datas.
  4. My problem does not concern a new order but the one in progress made since July 27th and in waiting ! OMG, x sent mails and y different people...
  5. How can I do this ? There is NO button for this ? So I wait that you delete this order to do a second with payment...
  6. Patience ? I sent my first mail on july 27th ! NONE ANSWER... from 'support@aerosoft.zohodesk.com' or 'support@aerosoft.com' Are you really serious ?
  7. Bjr, J'ai passé commande de la version Premium le 27 juillet et le statut de ma commande ne change pas ! Pourquoi ? De plus plusieurs mails au support reste sans réponse ! Pourquoi ? Merci pour votre retour.
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