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  1. Thank you so much! Controls are now perfect! Very happy about this update! One more question: Will this file and possible future update files be available in the Aerosoft Updater as it is hard to follow or find all update files via this forum? Thanks so much!
  2. Thank you! Rebooting was the issue. Case closed! Thanks so much!
  3. Hello, since i today installed the new A330 the clock is not working. neither on the a330 and also not working on the A320 family (how can that relate?) - The clock is not showing any time, the elapsed time function on the clock is not working and chrono as well. It is completely blank. it was working fine before installing A330! (btw good work on the a330!!) Please advise how to repair that. See picture attached. Thanks! Martin
  4. Hello, during Climb and Descend the Checklist turns off/on the Seatbelt Signs and the PED at exactly 10.000 feet. Is there a way to change this altitude? I have experienced some issues after doing it manually because it somehow confused the CL-Function or the Seat Belt Switch was stuck somehow because being held by the CL. It would be cool if you could change that in a file somewhere. Is there a way? Kind regards, Martin
  5. I wanted to prevent this but i re-installed it and it does not show up anymore. I do not have any idea either what the problem was! Thanks for your help anyway!
  6. This is definitely not normal behavior. How can a speed brake deployment during climb can be normal? Or a constant Master Caution during final approach even though the SPD BRK is not used? Before my re-installation of P3D this did not happen. And back then I might had an outdated version since I did not update it properly. You can't blame it on outdated versions because it worked just fine earlier.
  7. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I have already checked any axis or key assignments. It still happened again. What really hints that it has to be some kind of coding error is the fact that after takeoff the F/CTL SPD BRK STILL OUT caution comes on ALWAYS at the exact same time: And that is when i climb through the THRust REDuction / ACCEL altitude = 1500 ft AGL and the Airbus System tells in the PFD "LVR CLB". So it is triggered by something. A few seconds later the speed brake extends. until about FL170, then they retract. The lever is always in the RED or ARM position (why would it be different during that phases). The Master Caution also comes on during final descend / final approach but without extending speed brakes. I have found this topic of a user describing the same problems. You can see a video where the exact same thing happens to this other user: Passing 1500 ft AGL the caution comes and then the speed brakes. (direct link to the video: )
  8. Hello, i am sorry to bother you with this but i need your help with the following issue with Speed Brakes. I have reinstalled Aerosoft Airbus Prof. (and updated for the latest version for P3Dv4 (Version 4.5; latest version) and now I have the following problem: Shortly after takeoff (about 2000 feet AGL) the Master Caution "F/CTL: SPD BRK STILL OUT" and shortly after that the Speed Brake extends fully. The Speed Brake Lever itself is still in RET or ARMED position; so it happens fully automatical and by itself. Sometime during Climb (About FL170) they retract back to normal and the Master Caution disappears. The Master Caution comes also on sometime during descend and final approach even though it is in RET or ARMED position, but it does not deploy then. It only deploys itself during the Climb Phase. See the picture attached. What do you suggest?
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