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  1. Hello, I hope this isn't a repeat, but to be fair I spent a lot of time looking through a few forums without seeing my issue, which increases the likelihood that I am doing something wrong... but: I have recently purchased X-Life deluxe and added it to my X-Plane 11 (version 11.36). When I first run X-Plane 11 after adding X-Life to the plugin folder, I have 5 options: on/off; Flight Plan; Settings; Info; Tools and Get Deluxe. I can click on Flight Plan after I click 'on/off' (Which gives no indication of what mode it is currently in) and then a very basic window comes up to enter some info. When I register X-Life and restart X-Plane 11, there are only 4 options listed in the plugins/X-Life drop down menu: On/Off; Settings; Info and Tools. The settings window is shown in the attached. Nothing seems to happen when I click on/off the stuff in the 'Info' rollout work (clicking the items opens a browser to the specified location), But the tools stuff kind of work, if you, for instance, click on Airport Editor and come back about 20 minutes later, then you will find a messed up screen until you close the little dialog box. Flight Plan is gone, I have yet to see any kind of real control panel that i have seen in the instructions. My video card is an RTX2070 that runs 4 monitors (all of which are setup to create a big cockpit) I have removed the plugin folder and re-ran the X-Plane installer to get a fresh plugin folder, then put X-Life back in, but no difference. I have the CARENADO KING AIR B200 installed (the only non stock plane) but I have tried other stock planes and have the same issue. I have deleted and re-installed X-Life a few times to no avail. I have installed the Open SceneryX, and the Bluebell package. I have also tried various airports that are listed in the X-Life folder, but again, no change. This has me scratching my head.
  2. Solved: I deleted the B200 from X-Plane, re-downloaded and re-authorized and now it works. I must be slipping. I should have tried that straight away.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I do have them all installed, but to be sure, I went down your list of the C++ libraries and clicked repair on them, but the B200 is still acting the same.
  4. I have a quad monitor system using an Nvidia RTX2070 with an i7 6 core with 32GB ram. I purchased Carenado B200 King Air v1.1, created a folder in Xplane11/Aircraft named 'General Aviation' and copied the B200 downloaded folder inside there. I activated the plane successfully and it loads into X-Plane 11, but I get a warning that says 'Car_B200_King_Air_vrconfig.txt' is not valid. No problem there, if that just controls VR applications as I don't use that aspect. The main issue is that I can not get any of the switches to work. A few things do work, such as the parking break; I can move the Idle levers and turn some knobs, but not all knobs. The Yoke will not go away either by mouse clicking the base, or hitting the 'y' key or through the drop down menu, but I can move the yoke around with my mouse. I can not move my view with the arrow keys either. I can look around with the mouse though. I can turn on and see the clickable regions and the mouse cursor does change when I mouse over a clickable area. I am running X-Plane 11.36r2 (build 113601 64-bit) on Windows 10 Any ideas what to try? The stock planes work fine. Thanks for your time.
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