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  1. Dave could use some help if possible,  I loaded Active Sky and had some issues.   Their support team asked me for a few things one being a FSUIPC5 log.    I looked in my add on's and don't see that listed so I'm not sure what this is and how to install it,  much less get a log.  I'm running P3D if that makes any difference.   TY

    1. DaveCT2003


      Sorry, I'm not able to provide support for non-Aerosoft products, but I know the owner of HiFi and a few members of the team there pretty well and they are always willing to help with their product.  Just let them know you're having issues providing what they've asked for, or you could also try the FSUIPC support forum.  Best wishes.


    2. Detail50


      Yes I have a ticket in,  but it's a day lag between responses

  2. Thanks Guys I got it now, sorry for being a little dense. I tested the A320 and it does respond to stick right and stick left so the plane should steer to the movement of the steering wheel on the yoke while on the ground.
  3. Thanks Dave, I've attempted to watch video and read, but I can't figure out how autorudder will steer you plane on the ground while taxing?
  4. Dave, I didn't think it works for ground steering. I changed my selection in P3D to auto rudder and either I'm not using it properly because it would not steer.
  5. Hi,  I posted the topic  



    I think Mathis didn't understand what I'm wanting to do,  try the Yoke instead of the twist Joystick I have now.  I looked at the eclipse joystick paddle arraignment but it looks like a multi hand operation.


    Hello Ray -

  6. Good Morning, I would like to get a Flight Yoke, but due to physical limitations I can't use rudder pedals. I need ground steering control, I've tried the number keys but they don't really work well. Also my understanding is that auto rudder does nothing for ground steering. Any recommendations based on experience?
  7. I would request Hawaiian Air, Southwest, and Air Jamaica
  8. I have been trying to run this pattern and have one issue I just can't seem to get the logic together on. I'm flying this pattern (or trying to) to fly approaches. I'm flying A320, no flight plan filed, VFR, but with ILS info entered in Rad Nav. I takeoff and fly perhaps a mile from the end of the runway, then execute a 90 degree turn to the right and then another 90 degree turn to the right, I fly back past the runway on a parallel course. I continue flying until the indication on display shows I am well below the glide path. Once I achieve that condition I turn to the right to try to intercept the localizer. My thinking is that I will fly to the localizer with the proper buttons pushed and that the plane will turn at the proper time onto the heading once it is intercepted and then I fly down the heading to make my approach. I've tried all kinds of button push combinations and intercept angles, but no combination or angle gets me lined up correctly, nor causes the plane to automatically turn onto the proper heading which in this case is 58 degrees. I've been successful a number of times, but only by using a outside view to be able to make the turn onto the runway heading visually looking at the view at approximately the correct time. I feel l,like I'm doing something basically not correct, can someone help me with the proper logic and keystrokes?
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