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  1. I get this everytime, Idk if it can be replicated by others. I get to the phase in the sequence where I request pushback I select 1 and then set my distance for pushback, ground comes on and runs through the narrative and asks for the parking brake to be released and start engines at will. I release the parking brake, start engines and the plane pushes back and then stops, at this point I DON'T get a engage parking brake callout and since the engines are running the plane then moves forward, seemingly with the ground equipment still attached. I use manual braking to stop the plane. I then get repeated callouts to set the parking brake, but can't get the brake to activate. I have not tried to wait to start engines until the pushback is complete. I will try that today.
  2. Sorry to ask this is it has already been asked, can you pull up the user manuals on the EFB?
  3. Thank You, I'm going to load another flight with the messages turned on and try to figure out why I have this parking brake issue? When ground calls for parking brake to be engaged I just can't figure out why I can't move the level as I've done it many times before.
  4. I don't think so, I've found that once the sequence gets bugged for any reason you can't recover. I flew a flight last night where the checklist sequences worked properly through after takeoff. After that I never heard another checklist and manually had to do all after that.
  5. Trying to adjust to this new checklist. First the messages that appeared at the top are gone for pushback procedures. select 1 or 2 When I get to the cabin sign callout, both switches are on, but the copilot continues to call out cabin signs, repeated toggle of the switch doesn't fix it and I have to endup skipping that item. Pushback starts and ground calls to disengage parking brake, I do that and start engines, plane pushes back and then Ground comes on and says engage parking brake, but the parking brake lever will not move. In the meantime I have to engage manual braking as the plane begins to move forward. I have to stop engines and restart to be able to set parking brake. I'm not getting a pilot callout to start engine 2, I get a callout that engine 2 is stabilized but then no callout to start engine 1. Why is the plane able to move forward with throttles all the way retarded?
  6. I was able to land the plane, but like yesterday something happened to the sim and it not did work as it was supposed to. After completing all the ground checklists and the at least the after takeoff checklist, the start decent checklist did not come on (the message on the top did not appear either). I initiated the decent as I normally would in the FMC but there was no control over speed or maintaining the plane on the glide slope. Basically I controlled the decent and deployed the speed brakes and retarded the throttle to maintain proper altitude from waypoint to waypoint. I never heard from the crew at all on the way down and basically manually landed the plane. It did fly the localizer in, but even though I was below the glide slope, when it intercepted the slope it did not control the plane to decend along the glide slope. At least for me there has been maintaining control issues on both flights while on auto pilot, very different behavior than the A320 which was pretty rock solid. I don't think this is at all pilot error, because your not interacting with the plane at this point. It's just flying along on auto. Idk how much confidence I have right now to try another one. I like the visual on the A320 throttle much more than the A330. On the A320 it was very easy to see the detent for Clb vrs this one.
  7. Yesterday I went into a A floor and wasn't able to get out of it. Today I'm flying up to KATL and the SB flight plan calls for FL400. As I climbed to 40K the plane was very stable and the speed indicator was solid centered on the purple triangle. Now I'm level at 40K and I got this situation as shown in the screen shot. I can't come up with a reason why the purple triangle is now below the actual speed and why the speed indicator is in the red area? The Nav display just doesn't look right Not shown is the flashing LVR Climb in white, but the throttles are in the CB detent. If this is the correct display just let me know.
  8. Strange mine started fine, I had different issues, but been in the air a couple of times
  9. I think it's straight on also in A320, if there is an easy option to correct it, I'd join Shane in that request.
  10. I think I can get that same level of quality when I zoom into that viewing distance. When I get a chance I'll try the old A320 to see if it perhaps something that is just more noticable with the new plane. Appreciate keeping this open until I can get to look at that. Right now I'm trying my second flight, first flight yesterday I had some issues with the parking brake and plane went into a A Floor on climb (I have opened a couple topics for those problems)
  11. Didn't seem to make any difference Mathijs
  12. Exiting the flight, I hope this isn't going to be an issue
  13. TY I just disabled it, I'll see if that corrects the issue when I'm back on the ground.
  14. Ok, but I think if I created another one somebody would tell me to use the one already out there with throttles not working.
  15. First flight, plane went to Afloor for reasons I can't figure out. It was on the climb and throttle was in climb position with autopilot on. My throttles don't work and the plane is just descending.
  16. At several points in the taxi and at pushback you are not able to set the parking brake. Most notable is at the hold line at the runway. Also you can't set the brake while a checklist is running as it keeps flipping views and when you are displaying the parking brake you can flip it on and off.
  17. I'm just finding it hard to read, the rest of the text is sharp, but the text on the buttons is not. Idk if its the font set, but just a feedback.
  18. Hugh Difference, thanks gang. You can close this.
  19. My monitor 29 inch, I have it set now to 4K ultra in the P3D settings. Here is one example of what I see at startup Dave. I have to reangle the view and then try to zoom out. No, should I have it ticked?
  20. The zoom does not go out far enough. It is most noticeable with the F12 upper panel. Also when I open that view it is cocked at an angle. Any suggestions?
  21. I have updated to AIRAC 1912, how do I get the FMC in the A320 to update to that level? TY
  22. Dave sorry to bother you with a simple question,  but I can't see anything that tells me how to update my FMC to the latest level of AIRAC?

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      We ask people to post their questions in the forums rather than writing to us personally, that way everyone can benefit from the question and answer.  For every person who asks a question, there are several people who usually have the same question... now and in the future (people search our forums for answers too).


      So if you'll please post your question in the forum and Private Message me a link (instead of writing in my profile), I'll be happy to answer it there my friend.


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      Sorry Dave,  this was a quick one so I just PM'ed you.   I'll keep looking.   NP

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