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  1. TY I restarted the sim again and it corrected the issue.
  2. Tried to start a flight this morning, but the flight plan view in the FMC is cycling. Can't get rid of discos while its cycling like this. I tried changing views and closed sim and restarted. Is this a setting that might have gotten turned on or a suggestion as to how to correct. Should I reboot? bandicam 2019-12-19 08-18-16-453.mp4
  3. Dave, wish I could report better news, but the sim failed again the same as it has in the past. The flight was text book until about 600 miles from TOD and then experienced the same rapid assent and loss of control while on autopilot. I attached a couple screenshots if they are any help. They look almost identical to what happened the other day. I really believe in the product, so I'm hopeful this can get sorted.
  4. Plane is in the air Dave KATL > KSFO. I got repeated crashes at a gate at Atlanta as soon as it loaded, had to switch to a different gate and it loaded fine. I also didn't have an issues at my home airport
  5. Thanks Dave, I completed the procedure. It's too late to start a flight tonight, but I'll fly tomm. Screenshot at the gate here in SW Florida Intl.
  6. Dave, at what step do I run this in your menu?
  7. Dave, I have not I'm still working on the Tomato Shade part. I can't find the path to restore original shaders. I'm not comfortable overclocking my machine, I don't have water cooling and I'm not going to risk damage to my components. I'll make the changes you suggested in the screen shots. Once I can get Tomato Shade properly removed I'll get started on the reinstall.
  8. Dave info you requested: Regarding AV I have always used Norton 360 Desktop Processor: i7-7700, Turbo and Hyperthread enabled GPU:GTX-1660 I don't overclock anything 32G Ram Prepard: Regards: Ray
  9. I started another flight, plane climbed to proper cruise altitude of FL350 and leveled off. I returned to find the plane now above 40K feet and in a A Floor. A little hard to see, but the plane flew along and then just started climbing, I think thats what caused the A floor
  10. I re-flew the flight plan overnight, up till about 15 miles from the airport everything was fine, when I went to bed it was about 2 hours into the flight and overnight it flew to the TOD pause. This morning I restarted the sim and flew the decent, till I got close to the airport everything was as it should be and a perfect flight. At that point the simulation seemed to lose control, the aircraft started to oscillate and shake violently and the graphic stream got very choppy, the sim turned off the autopilot and at that point I tried to get it to descend manually, but it wouldn't respond and I ended up overflying the airport. I'll try a different flight later.
  11. Ok, I'm going to re fly the route again tomm morning and see how it goes.
  12. Dave, I had to reinstall everything and reload the updates because the sim would not load the flight this morning after the that last flight. After completing the reinstall and update I setup a flight from Denver to Cancun, took off and at the moment it reached climb altitude it went into a A floor and now the flight and all that time spent is wasted. This is the second A floor I've had now on the new plane. I was watching it and everything was fine, speed was correct, no overthrust and everything was on auto at the point it reached FL390. I'm pretty disappointed now with the constant performance issue, reinstalls and what amounts to alot of time spent to not be able to complete the flight. Here is a screen shot shortly after the latest A Floor. The plane is already descending. I have no answers really for what is happening as the flight is on auto and following normal procedure. To be honest flying has had happier moments.
  13. Anyone have a thought as to what the problem was here? I got the flight past TOC and then went away for 3 hours or so, came back and plane is at 2800 feet. I started it back on a assent after I saw what had happened.
  14. I updated to update 3 and it crashes to desktop every time
  15. I have also commented that the taxi speed is to high with my aircraft able to move forward at idle regardless of the weight. In a different post I commented that the aircraft moves forward at idle with the ground equipment still attached
  16. I didn't see an validation but I loaded the new update this morning (Saturday)
  17. Is there a a330 livery manager like the A320/321 has?
  18. Same here, won't launch after loading the update
  19. Thank You, Configurator won't open to allow me to place in the EFB
  20. For what ever reason I can't locate Vol 1 of the user manual, sorry for such a simple request? Once I locate the document I will be able to put it into my EFB? TY
  21. I've got mine on night mode, but its still too bright. I think they are working on this area. I have my brightness in options turned down to about .9 > .95
  22. TY, I am not using GSX at the moment for pushback but inside the plane option 1. So if the Tow holds brakes in real life then why is the plane moving forward? I'm still having difficulty understanding why the sim works this way. Given what you just said there isn't a way that the aircraft would be able to move forward with ground equipment still attached, yet it does.
  23. I would suggest thinking about reducing thrust a bit at retarded position. I think there should be a throttle position where the engines are at idle and the aircraft does not move. Also at least in my opinion the taxi speed if too high even at that idle position. I don't think I can engage the parking brake which is the problem I'm having. Also I'm having trouble with the concept. With ground equipment still attached a plane can move forward at idle? It just seems like a safety issue that would not be allowed, but I'm not a pilot.
  24. I was also able to get the messages top display
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