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  1. Hello Hanse, Yes I do have GSX2 and it is updated. In this case though I'm using manual in plane pushback, option 1 I had all the doors open, no jetways, I closed the doors manually and watched to make sure that they were closed. I will try another flight later and make sure that doors are closed. (I read in another thread that the cargo doors may cause a delay) Thank you for reminder on the messaging and notifications
  2. I've loaded the update and still have the issue with the automated checklist after the close door notification. It works on my A320, but not on the A330. There seems to now be several threads about this, It happens to me everytime, and I'm confident that the cockpit prep completed and the doors are closed
  3. Good Morning, I loaded the update this morning (admin, Virus off, reboot) Ran the in plane checklist: The fuel pumps no longer need to be turned on at that point in the prep checklist. Cockpit prep checklist completes properly. The sequence still breaks after cockpit prep is completed and doors are closed. There is no Flight attendant notification at that point about passengers on board and doors are closed, also the before Start checklist does not start. I then reinstalled the A330 and also the .6 update, and got the same issue I started a new flight with the A320 and the checklist performs properly.
  4. Thanks Dave, I am in EST Florida,USA My son is arriving for a visit later today for the next three days or so, so I will be busy. I did the update today and am checking to see if checklist works properly now.
  5. I had the same issue as I turned them on in advance of the step. If you turn them on as you observed ahead of time it doesn't complete the step. A little different than other elements of the sequence which can be turned on in advance of the callout.
  6. Its not going to your UI example, it immediately goes to this screen and starts the process to configuring and installing drivers which I interrupted. If you want me to use the SDI version I get this error message
  7. Thanks Dave, everything is up to date. I have Nivida tools that let me know when a new version is available, and I just had a update a while ago. I checked both ASUS and Nivida and both are up to date for GPU and MB.
  8. Sam, I have had one issue on final where as the plane got close to touchdown it encountered speed fluctuations relating to a assessment that FPS was the the cause. I didn't freeze, but my aircraft has lost control now a number of times since the 330 came out, and I haven't been able to find any solution for it. I suspect I would have more issues on final, but usually I have issues on cruise and don't make it that far.
  9. Happy New Years, understand it's a Holiday, just wanted to know if it will be a few days before I might get some additional suggestions to try?
  10. Well were still searching for an answer, I just don't understand why it just goes mad after running along so well for so long. I was out to dinner and came back to this and this is with the A320 which was rock solid. Dave, what else can I do? Everything was again reinstalled this morning and I am flying with a target limit of 20 FPS.
  11. Thanks I'll look for that. I'm flying a A320 from San Diego to JFK and everything is running correctly per the Sim. I did some reading about what the target rate slider is doing as I didn't totally get it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to gain understanding on that. I did move up to 30fps and that was enough to start to see some speed fluctuations, back to 20 and it smoothed back out. Wonderful sky today head east from California.
  12. Good day Mathijs, I performed all the uninstall and install per established procedures (admin, virus off, reboot etc). This did not clear the checklist sequence problem. I tried it twice and the checklist sequence fails in the A330 as it did before: It runs through cockpit prep ok, then fuel is loaded etc as part of the pre flight, the message is shown to close the doors which I do and then nothing happens. I went back to the A320 and followed the same sequence from Cold and Dark. Close doors is shown, I close the doors and I immediately hear the sound of the doors close, notification is given all passengers on board and before start checklist starts. As I mentioned previously I did not have this issue before the update. I could go back and reinstall the A330 again and not do the update to see what happens if you think that gives any information?
  13. The flight continued to a landing, there were no loss of control events through most of the flight. When the flight was approximately 5 miles from touchdown the speed started to act erratically with deviations of + or minus 5 > 10 knots, but it maintained it's approximate VAP of 140. Despite that it continued to follow the glide slope down to the runway and landing. From previous experience something is still not right The first officer called out localizer captured, but even though it was below the glide path it never called out that the glide slope was captured even though it flew down the path once the slope was intercepted. As far as checklists, they all executed properly and correct messaging was shown for top of decent and approach. The whole flight though was dogged by the Configure and start pushback message, and a periodic first officer callout of APU bleed.
  14. I had the same situation on both flights after the update, yes you are correct the messaging shown is not correct. The checklist sequence breaks after doors are closed. No flight attendant notification that doors are closed, no option 1 or 2 notification for pushback, then checklists and ground control messages don't operate properly although eventually they seem to be able to be run as you start taxi. Just want to mention this was not an issue with update 4 and now is an issue with update 5. The only thing that changed was the update, doing your suggestion is a lot of work. It seems to relate to the update?
  15. I'm at cruise on the way to Calgary. Here is cockpit view at the present time
  16. Thanks, I've set at 20FPS and measured FPS with Navigraph and Active sky on is 20 fps. Not the best visual effects, but will see how the flight goes. Before I start another topic has there been checklist sequence problems reported after the last update?
  17. Thank you, I'll try to adjust the limit. Could you help me with a couple process steps as to how I can dial this in to your suggestion. I know where the target rate adjustment is and I just checked my frame rate which is 32 in the air.
  18. Sounds like a good testing process Dave to cover the waterfront. I'm going to try deleting and reinstalling the P3D client and see if that has any effect. I don't think there is anything left to try beyond that.
  19. I had no issues what so ever with the A320, it's only since we added the A330 that these issues have arisen,and I'll add I had all the setting set at high levels for the 320/321. Your own pilots have encountered this same loss of control issue and they are running high performance systems.
  20. Hello, I took a week off and today loaded the new update following all the documented procedures concerning admin, virus, reboot etc. I thought perhaps the plane would conduct a good flight after that, but it lost control twice and now the entire flight is again ruined. Dave has been very helpful,, but it's not working and I'm at a impasse. This basically is un-flyable, it simply losses its control and then breaks everything downstream of when it happens. The plane is again in a A Floor condition
  21. Hi Steve,   I loaded a couple of your repaints,   very nice work.  I can't seem to find the Hawaiian A330 airlines model,  is that out there as of yet?








    1. steve dra

      steve dra

      HAL is not out yet.

      Still working on this one>  Its a pain as I'm struggling with the color and with AA....its very hard to reproduce correctly.  Keep watching the repaint requests forum for any updates on HAL



    2. Detail50
  22. Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback, but in my case it won't respond to any manual inputs to regain control, it just keeps flying along at the current state. What were you able to do specifically to regain control? TY
  23. Regrettably, the flight from Atlanta to San Francisco ran away again about 600 miles into the flight. As with several other occasions the plane is cruising on autopilot, and reaches a point several hundred miles into the flight and loses control. The plane ascends to over 40K feet and loses control of it's speed. This seems to be a longer flight duration problem as the successful flights have all been shorter hops. Given it takes 20 > 25 minutes to get a plane in the air this is getting more disappointing. Flight plan calls for FL380, it was solid on that for many miles. The plane is now flying along at 40,000 feet and won't respond to the inputs. I've attached some screen shots, I set the speed per Dave's suggestion this time, but it ended up with the same failure mode. A few screenshots of the problem.
  24. Dave, I ran a short flight this morning KRSW > KTPA, its a short hop of about 45 mins with a FL of 120. The flight went fine, great to get one on the ground. I ran it without Navigraph and AS open to keep it Vanilla, Later I'll run it with those two apps turned on. Depending on that I'll retry to long hops. I didn't give you a shot of how it looks under cruise conditions so I included that. Ray
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