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  1. Steve, great job. You do so much for the community, Thank You
  2. Dave, i think the checklist comments are a good idea. I know it would take some time, but a video using something like view focus with a voice over would be at least in my opinion be a great add to especially new people. Just as a general comment the use of video and graphics as opposed to printed text has been proven to be much more effective in terms of communication and understanding.
  3. I did have that same issue awhile back, but in my case V sync and triple buffering resolved it
  4. Occasionally a leg will appear like this. Is the non connection of the line just a graphics aspect, or is showing the leg has a issue?
  5. The throttle levers were in the correct position, but a calibration of the throttle did bring the idle speed down to the correct range. We can close this thread.
  6. The checklist again worked properly on the last flight Rolf 🙂
  7. I flew overnight from YBBN to PHNL, the flight was solid up until 60 miles from the airport when it encountered again loss of control and wide oscillation of speed again. The target FPS rate was set to 18 in P3D. Nothing new here, since the A330 was introduced it happens repeatably. I attached a screen shot to show how solid the flight was mid route. It's only when it encounters a FPS issue that this happens as has been explained to me. Just to repeat again I have a i7-7700, GTX 1660, 32 G Ram. According to the scores these components should play this sim well. My ips down bandwidth is around 215 Mbps typically.
  8. Had a CTD well into a flight from KSAN to KBWI. This is the only image I have to share before the crash, my guess it was about 20 > 30 mins or so after this. At the point of the crash everything was normal, and I think I was about 400 > 500 miles from TOD
  9. Hanse, I loaded a flight this morning and the checklist operated properly :-). I would note a couple things: There was a update from FSDT so I loaded that. I used the values for ZFW and CG from the loadsheet as opposed to using the sim brief numbers which are slightly different in page 2 of the init page in the FMC. Here are screen shots. I'll fly again tomm and see if I get the same result. Ray
  10. Yes, I am on my speed had to be significantly higher than that.
  11. I tookoff from San Diego this morning destination Baltimore. I could barely control the aircraft on taxi without extensive braking. I can't remember the plane having this high level of thrust with fully retarded throttles and a significant amount of fuel on board. See attached screenshots Ray
  12. No Problem Rolf, I will do that the next time I attempt a flight. Ray
  13. Thank you for the response, but I don't use GSX and when I close the doors manually as I have written several times including screen shots the before start checklist does not start. This problem was not present before the update, but now it happens every attempt to make a flight. I guess at this point my concern is that the previous correct behavior isn't going to be restored and I'm left with the problem.
  14. Is there going to be a fix for the checklist issue that started in Can you please give us an update as to where we are at?
  15. My A320 runs the checklist fine vrs the 330. The problem is that my loss of control events at cruise have now found their way into the 320 where they weren't there before, so that has issues now also. I'm waiting for this checklist issue to get cleared so I can try to run some A330 flights again from a clean start to see if other actions taken have helped that situation. Since the indications are that FSDT has created the issue on their side, Idk when we might get to that point. The aerosoft folks have been helpful, but it doesn't sound like this situation is of their making..
  16. Markus, I think hes telling you that before the update that broke all this stuff that things worked properly and it was done so automatically. The Sim should work properly as it did before. Was hopeful we would get an update today with some additional information now that developers are back.
  17. I think they were waiting for developers to return today from GSX and areosoft. I'm hopeful they will get the checklist breakage fixed from In the interm I've not been flying the 330 until this is corrected.
  18. Will developers be back Monday so we can start to get the checklist problems cleared up?
  19. The cockpit prep list asks to have the parking brake set, so I'm not doing anything beyond that as that is what I have always down. So your saying turn it back off after checklist finishes that check? The chocks are already set by default.
  20. Thanks Hanse, I know your working this hard. I've read that before and I think I followed it to the letter of your instructions, the screen shots should support that. I don't use GSX at the moment for door closure, it is turned off in the MCDU and I close the doors manually. For me at this point it still doesn't work. If there is something else that can be tried let me know and I will do it. TY Ray
  21. There was a FSDT update available this morning so I did it just on the chance something changed. I ran through the checklist process again, thinking there might have been a change, but same results as every flight where checklist breaks at Before start which never comes on. I've included a number of screen shots, this is pretty annoying at this point.
  22. Gary, I don't have an answer for you, but a few of us have had checklist and copilot issues. They have all been merged on this page. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/883-step-by-step-guide-checklists/
  23. Hanse, doesn't work for me on the A330, I close the doors manually, check to make sure they are closed (which they are) and nothing happens after that. Your assessment is correct the checklist stopped working at the .4 release.
  24. Yes GSX disabled I'm not sure I follow your last two points, but I've used this in two modes, either with GSX doing a custom pushback, or using the in plane checklist through the MCDU. As I've mentioned given all the experience with the A320: Cockpit prep completes Message shown to close doors Manually close doors in MCDU Notifications are given and before start checklist started info bar shows at some point 1 for pushback, 2 for no pushback Selection 1 allows you to select distance and direction I don't start engine's until pushback is complete and parking brake is engaged. This stops plane from moving at zero throttle. I have both the checklist and copilot on
  25. Thank him from all of us for his service. I have a 320 in the air as I've done a few things since the last flight, just passed Scottsdale on wasy from KSAN to KJFX. I lowered frame rate to 18 this time.
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