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  1. Hi Steve,   I loaded a couple of your repaints,   very nice work.  I can't seem to find the Hawaiian A330 airlines model,  is that out there as of yet?








    1. steve dra

      steve dra

      HAL is not out yet.

      Still working on this one>  Its a pain as I'm struggling with the color and with AA....its very hard to reproduce correctly.  Keep watching the repaint requests forum for any updates on HAL



    2. Detail50
  2. Dave sorry to bother you with a simple question,  but I can't see anything that tells me how to update my FMC to the latest level of AIRAC?

    1. DaveCT2003


      We ask people to post their questions in the forums rather than writing to us personally, that way everyone can benefit from the question and answer.  For every person who asks a question, there are several people who usually have the same question... now and in the future (people search our forums for answers too).


      So if you'll please post your question in the forum and Private Message me a link (instead of writing in my profile), I'll be happy to answer it there my friend.


    2. Detail50


      Sorry Dave,  this was a quick one so I just PM'ed you.   I'll keep looking.   NP

    3. DaveCT2003
  3. Dave could use some help if possible,  I loaded Active Sky and had some issues.   Their support team asked me for a few things one being a FSUIPC5 log.    I looked in my add on's and don't see that listed so I'm not sure what this is and how to install it,  much less get a log.  I'm running P3D if that makes any difference.   TY

    1. DaveCT2003


      Sorry, I'm not able to provide support for non-Aerosoft products, but I know the owner of HiFi and a few members of the team there pretty well and they are always willing to help with their product.  Just let them know you're having issues providing what they've asked for, or you could also try the FSUIPC support forum.  Best wishes.


    2. Detail50


      Yes I have a ticket in,  but it's a day lag between responses

  4. Hi,  I posted the topic  



    I think Mathis didn't understand what I'm wanting to do,  try the Yoke instead of the twist Joystick I have now.  I looked at the eclipse joystick paddle arraignment but it looks like a multi hand operation.


    Hello Ray -

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