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  1. Happy Holidays, will the release be tied to a MS/Asobo update? With the releases now spread out, is the release at least going to be the next update or beyond?
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all that are celebrating. Pretty sure this the case, but the CRJ when announced will have its own validated Auto Pilot system? With the ongoing issues in the Sim to many aircraft with auto pilot, I’m looking forward to a plane that isn’t tied to that issue, and aerosoft products which are of very high quality relating to fundamental capability like AP. Can we be confident that the process around updates by Asobo will not break pay ware planes such as this? Thank You Ray
  3. Good morning Dave, I deleted the shaders, but forgot to reboot the first time. After rebooting it seems to be in a acceptable range on the morning flight. It's ok to close this.
  4. NP Dave, I'm flying from Kennedy to Heathrow now, I'll take care of deleting the shaders after this flight. I am flying A330. I hope that is it as I'm seeing FPS in single digits Yo Yo up to 25FPS. Very unusual and different.
  5. Dave, a little fogged on this, you asked me: Did you try clearing your P3D shaders? and I responded: No good point Dave. If you read it any different than positive it wasn't meant to be. Ray
  6. Very noticeable, anyone else seen this?
  7. GM Dave, I was able to get past that point on a couple flights after, suspect it was hopefully a one time, so ok to close this and will monitor.
  8. Good Morning, hope everyone is well and staying safe I did the new update to instructions and got almost all the way through the pre flight. When I was starting the GSX pushback as soon as I released the parking brake per instructions, I got a crash and reset to the default scenario with the military jet. Anything that I might have missed regarding this as a problem? Thank You
  9. Hadn't flown in a few weeks todays flight from Hong Kong to Honolulu went out of control a few hours into the flight. Same situation as before. Was able to regain control and make a decent landing. Graph will show profile and data files attached. Data.7z Data.zip
  10. GM, I had not flown in awhile, but this morning I feel uneventful from Lisbon to Gatwick on a A320. That's the way it is some good, some not so good Dave has seen a couple of twitch video's I informed him of. I can tell you at cruise it always looks the same, aircraft under control and then instantaneously it's at a different altitude and or speed. Warning alarms have been activated, there is never any advance indication, it just glitches. Since flights occur properly and they are all flown under the same procedures, I can only rationalize this as a event that happens randomly and a glitch. I'm obviously not a developer on your system, but it seems like the code should be executing properly and some event occurs to make it not execute properly. When I worked we had the similar kinds of random events and had to basically put sniffers and other instrumentation on the device to trap the fault to analyze it. That was a few years back, technology has probably moved beyond where it was.
  11. Dave here is the Zip file and a screen shot, the rest of the flight was uneventful beyond the glitch. I have the sim still open so if this zip isn't adequate let me know. Ray Data.7z
  12. I did a quick screen shot I'll zip the data file again. Is anybody other than Dave interested in getting to the bottom of this problem?
  13. Not a clue if this is what you want, but tried to send you something Data.7z
  14. Dave, gonna need some more guidance, I have no idea how to upload here. Need some additional instructions. TY Ray
  15. Tanks Dave, how do I accomplish that? Never have done it before This was a A320 flight I found these which do you want?
  16. It's a intermittent problem, but it continues to happen occasionally, it has happened 2 out of last 3 flights so I'm going to raise it again. Aircraft reaches climb altitude, and then at some point after decides to deviate from filed FP. It can be a rapid assent, a decent or a overspeed condition. I attached the Project Flight chart from today's Tokyo to Seoul flight, shortly after leveling off it goes into overspeed condition, but I regain control pretty quickly. When it happens I disengage AP and autothrust, pull the throttles back to idle and let it descend, then I re-engage and control is restored. Rest of flight is textbook to successful landing. Why is this doing this?
  17. Thanks Marc, that is what I had done, spot on
  18. I wonder is somebody can help me understand why sometimes you endup with this mess on your filed flight plan at approach. I download my FP's from Sim Brief, but occasionally ones like this show up, and then it's a chore to clean them up. I'm flying EDDT to ENSB on a A320
  19. Dave, I didn't fly yesterday, but I think for the last week things have been good
  20. I just wanted to give an update, I've done a few more flights and the glitch of losing control has not been experienced. I'm not totally convinced that it's gone as of yet, but I did want to give an update that it is working better.
  21. I'm looking forward to Navigraph being incorporated into the EFB. Are you able to share some window of when we might see that? TY Ray
  22. I made a 4 hour flight this morning, no breaks in the Sim like yesterday. I will keep flying and testing
  23. Dave, sorry I had already entered another flight, and stuff from yesterday was gone. Now I know what you need so I'll try to get that at next problem. I am flying right now. If you want to see the Video it is the third one down on my channel, KEWR > EIDW 3:17. The break occurs around the 2:54 mark, up to that point it is solid.
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