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  1. I'm having issues with this as well. I have a 2080ti with latest drivers and tried everything under the sun to get it to work. Only deleting RL/TG has unfortunately. Hopefully TFDI will update soon.
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed or reported this already.... I installed the A320 series aircraft again just recentely and when I did the update to the newest experimental, it seems that the installer put some folders in the wrong place. I was putting in a sound pack, otherwise I never would have noticed. The A320/321 folders were placed in the A318/A319 folders (Aerosoft-->Aerosoft A318-A319 Pro V5-->SimObjects-->Airplanes) I went in to change the sound folder and noticed all these extra folders. I copied and pasted them in the correct spot and all seems to working ok. Just wanted to poin
  3. I figured out what happened. For some reason when I installed the A320 series, it didn't put the "General" folder in the Aerosoft folder within my documents folder where the A330 stuff is. It was outside of that. I moved it there and now it works. The install folder was ok on initial setup, I verified that before I proceeded, so not sure why it did that.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the fuel planner only shows the A330? After I installed the A320 series, the link to it moved from the A330 folder to the A318/319 folder where it was in V4, but when I try to select the aircraft type in the planner, it only lists the A330.
  5. I used ChasePlane and only had issues at first start. I downloaded a profile from Chewy and used that as a base.
  6. Thank you so much for your help!
  7. Yes and I know nothing about doing sound files unfortunately. I guess I could probably replace the file and rename it. I love these planes, in particular the IAE variants. Music to my ears. I found the sound I was referring to in a video that Hugo did. You can hear it in the background, right after the intro at timestamp 00:22 I guess it's part of the APU sound, though the high pitched A/C sound is the most prominent over the normal APU exhaust sound.
  8. haha, I can imagine! . Yes outside basically. You should be able to hear it on all the outside views. I just don't understand why the sound files are there but I can't hear them?
  9. It's loud, you can hear it everywhere...outside...in the jetway and inside the plane.
  10. I'm struggling to figure this out, hoping someone can help. I've been working for an airline for almost 20 years, working with the A320 series mostly. THE most distinctive sound on that airplane is the sound of the air conditioning while parked at the gate. If you hear it, there's no question it's an Airbus! I noticed after buying the Pro version here, that I never hear that sound. I watch a lot of aviation P3D videos and low and behold, I heard it on the FSLabs model. So after digging around, I found the sounds I was looking for on the AS Pro...listed in the ASC folder as AirConX.
  11. I didn't uninstall mine but it seems to have updated ok. All my liveries are gone so I think it worked LOL.
  12. I certainly hope all developers will continue to support previous sims. I'm not alone in saying I've spent a small fortune on P3D and XPlane.
  13. Maybe it’s waiting for a second parking brake set, or missing the first one.
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