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  1. Guys ive installed the add on and updates yet the D'x buses arnt there. any help?
  2. yea shaun thanks, i got it sorted just after emailing you back there. I was entering it in the wrong box (dogh!) my fault mate.
  3. Its clear by looking at your PC that its not built for gaming..realy. you could over clock it a WE bit from 2.1 to maybe 2.3 or so but apart from that you cant realy expect it to run any half decent games. And as said, its not there fault.
  4. Im trying to sign in to the main website to download CBS but its telling me theres no account in my name/email. plus i cant access the support as you need to sign in! can anyone help as i need to re-download the main game.
  5. Hi jfail1 When you first install the game ( AND download any updates) you should then "run it as an admin", this way all your settings will be saves for good.. once loaded, go to control settings and then tab out of game (Ctrl+Esc) and open the game manual. flick through the pages untill you come to the control keys and there it will tell you what keys to set to what. ( I know its weak that we have to do this but for now we do). once you have sett all the controls to there proper keys, go to all the other setting like "Game", "Graphics and choose your detail and so forth depending on you PC spec's. ones you have done this you can also decide what steering wheel buttons you want to use for controling things like indacators, lights, breaks, doors, gears etc. So now you have done all the settings your ready for the tutorial. If you go into "New Game" then you can play the campaign (Chaptors). the very first chaptor is the tutorial. Its realy just a guy whos gona show/tell you all about the bus and how to use everything, plus a few tests, not that hard. Dont wana bombard you with stuff so try it and give a shout back.
  6. I think the only extras is the new CBS add-on (1.4)?
  7. OK Here's what you have to do.. Theres a problem that the dev guys cant get there heads round yet, so heres what needs to be done for now. Install the game, apply ALL updates up to 1.3 Install the new add-on (making it 1.4) DONT RUN GAME AFTER INSTALL ! Go to: c:\Program Files\TML-Studios\City Bus Simulator 2010 - New York\Data\Engine Copy the flie: variables paste it somewere safe NOW, go play the game, when your done just shut down, but before you play it again take a copy of the variables file and put it back in the engine folder (copy and replace) EACH TIME YOU WANA PLAY THE GAME PUT A COPY OF THIS FILE BACK INTO THE ENGINE FOLDER! Its poo i know but thats the best they have right now if you wana play the new add-on.
  8. There are three stops were you can check the time table, Circle line- get out, walk uo to time table on the post and it says "click" click it and accept a route. you can also go to the UN stop and the Jarvis Center to get a job.
  9. thanks, its only happining when i install the add on i see. so i just un-install the add on and revert it to standard game.
  10. When i install CBS and all updates including the new add on, i can run and play the game now ok.. But when i shut down the game, then come back to play it, I get an error on startup saying "Cant set allocation" What is this? everythings up to date, game, directx, Q'time, graphic's drivers, the lot! hope i can get help with this. P.S: also is it just me or is everyones add on in german? i mean the text and the passingers are english, but the voice with the txt is german, hmm?
  11. Vaulcan


    After messing with the setting ive sorted it out. i also had to sort out getting the game working my self as i got no support from the developers! but now im getting an error on start up. the game was working but now it says "cant set allocation" and crashes, any ideas??
  12. Vaulcan


    i have a top end PC that runs games like rFactor, GTR2, Empire Total war (very demanding) and other big games without any problem with my FPS. this game has big problems. i have ALL the settings on low yet the frame rate is a joke. are there any settings i must look at? surly i should be able run this game smooth with an nVidia Gforce GTS 25O 1g CARD? (everything upto date and onely this game is installed..)
  13. I have bought and downloaded the add on for CBS, it installed ok, now it wont accept my Reg' key. i used SIM MARKET to buy it and when i enter the key. then the next screen just says: " Name: am key: #####-##--## (numbers here) " its the right key but nothings happining. no support it helping me even by email and ticket. please can someone help?? thanks!
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