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  1. Sorry I have just realised what's happening . When the flaps are operated with my joystick button the visual model and the gauges in the cockpit shows them raising but the lever in the cockpit stays down. The model continues to think the flaps are in the down position and reacts accordingly.
  2. Since loading the Lightnings I have had intermittent problems with lack of power. Despite starting with all switches on and starting engines normally I cannot reach higher speeds than 250 knots despite the afterburner effect showing and 100% full power on engine instruments. If I attempt a climb after cleaning up the aircraft I will stall. This occurs with all Marks and can happen if its the first aircraft I fly in game or the last. I have calibrated my throttle , a Saitek x52, and redownloaded replacement files.This is happening about nine out of 10 flights. No other aircraft in my game, Prepar3d 4.5, suffers this problem. Can you help please?
  3. https://i.postimg.cc/7hgxm2mJ/2019-10-9_17-57-3-439.jpg Beautiful work.
  4. Can you please clarify which of the Lightning packages is P3D compatible and how to upgrade the other two(three?)
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