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  1. Thank you mopperle, it works. As you told me, I created a parallel folder (C: \ Users \ Jerome \ Documents \ Flight Simulator X Files) to the original FSX folder (C: \ Users \ Jerome \ Documents \ Flight Simulator X Files) and PFPX has finally found the right path by saving without problem my flight plan immediately used in FSX and loaded without problem. A big thank you mopperle. Thanks to you, I can now use PFPX 100%. And that it can serve others who are experiencing this problem. Regards, Sam
  2. Thank you srcooke for your help. I am a little discouraged by this problem and think I have gone around the question without success. I think for the moment, too bad, I'll go back, as I said before, manually my flight plan in my FSX flight organizer from PFPX by printing the essential data to have them on hand. Anyway, and by the force of things, I am half penalized since I do not use too complicated plane of the PMDG style but rather basic liners. So flight plan and carrier at my expense via FSX through PFPX. When the need arises and I use more complex liners, I will come back to the forum to try to clear up this recalcitrant problem again. Maybe by then, the solution to my puzzle has been found (with a little luck) and I can then finally use 100% PFPX. The dream ! Thank you again for any srcooke. We will still have tried. PS: Translation via Google Translate. Sorry if translation mistakes. Regards, Sam
  3. The path 'C: \ Users \ Jerome \ Documents has already been filled in. It does not work ! As for the Flight Simulator folder, it was created during the installation of FSX. Regards.
  4. Hello, Already done. It does not work even when running in administrator mode. My flight plans created with FSX are however registered normally. No problem writing. FSX finds the way. When to PFPX, unable to write in it despite the path correctly filled (C: \ Users \ Jerome \ Documents) where my flight plans are created under FSX (C: \ Users \ Jerome \ Documents \ Flight Files Simulator X)! I feel like going round in circles! Configuration yet simple to set up the paths to be completed in order to correctly export his flight plan created but obviously my computer has decided otherwise. Something is blocking the final export process! Regarding my hardware configuration, FSX is installed in a disk on my computer and PFPX installed in another disk (see photos). Thanks for your help.
  5. Good evening, Yes, I am in administrator mode. In addition, several months ago, I had to reinstall FSX. I had trouble reinstalling the Acceleration Pack. I had to hack the registry key and miracle, it worked. No problem then to reinstall everything (Rex Sky Force and other add-ons). The problem would come from there, the modification of the registry key. Yet as I said above, my simulator works without problems. Not the slightest error detected except for PFPX! Thanks for your help.
  6. Bonjour la communauté, Ayant récemment acquis PFPX, une fois le plan de vol correctement renseigné, je tente de l'exporter vers FSX mais malheureusement cela ne fonctionne pas. PFPX n'arrive pas à trouver le chemin vers mes documents où le fichier Flight Simulator est situé (C:\Users\Sam\Documents\Fichiers Flight Simulator X). Message d'erreur : Can't write to file C:\ ... J'ai tout tenté, chercher sur internet des solutions tentées mais rien n'y fait. Pourtant, pour ma part, tout semble bien rempli concernant la localisation du dossier racine FSX et le fichier mes documents. Cela vient peu être d'une configuration particulière sur mon ordinateur, pas de souci pour autant avec d'autres logiciels tiers en rapport avec FSX. Solution de repris : exporter manuellement mon plan de vol. Un peu dommage car ce logiciel est vraiment génial et complet. Système d'exploitation Windows 10 / Flight Simulator X Gold Edition. Merci à tous.
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