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  1. My question is not how to print, but how to save/export the data into a text file. The goal is to get these data into my own programmed EFB.
  2. Hi, in a further (closed) topic I asked if it's possible to print the performance data on a real printer, and not only on the virtual cockpit printer. There I was told that it isn't possible. Does anyone know a solution to export the performance data in a text file? Or are the performance data already storned in any text file? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I tried to figure out how to really print WX data, Fuel data etc. from the FMC, and not just on the virtual printer. But it don''t work, the printouts only are printed on the virtual cockpit printer. In the settings dialog there is an option to enable or disable the printer dialog, but changing this setting brings no change. I have a small printer installed on my PC. Does anyone use a real printer successfully? BTW: I use A320, newest version. Thanks for your help. lightning37
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