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  1. I had the same ILS problems at KMDW and KORD, coupled to LOC perfectly, aligned to runway, indicated on GS and began descent, then increased rate of descent, continued below GS, followed LOC, at 2 DME would have crashed short of runway if I hadn't taken over. Shot 5 approaches, always the same results. I have the latest version.
  2. I'm having much the same problem two weeks after I installed the CRJ. The AP flies the flight plan and STAR correctly until final turn to intercept the localizer and then it turns the wrong way, won't descend with the glide slope and won't turn to intercept the LOC bar after I disconnect the AP and manually steer it toward the flight director LOC bar. Maybe it's my procedure that's wrong: I let the AP and FMC steer into the turn to intercept the LOC, switch guidance input from FMS to VOR1 with the correct ILS frequency set into it, and check for the LOC and GS FD bars. The FD bars are there but the AP does not fly to them, neither azimuth nor altitude. I've tried 5 ILS approaches with the AP and none of them have worked, I have had to manually fly the approaches and landings. My attempts included flying the tutorial flight and reading the manuals during the tutorial flight but no joy.
  3. My old single core computer finally gave up, so I am in the process of moving FSX and my add-ons to a new unit. The old computer used XP as the OS, the new one is Windows 7. I reinstalled Seahawk and Jayhawk X without any problem. WhenI tried to install this update that I downloaded earlier the installer found the file where I have installed FSX (C:\FSX\)but when it executes the install a message comes up saying it can't find Microsoft Flight Simulator. I know that's not the name of the file where I have flight simulator, but since I used to browser to take the installer to the correct file I don't understand why it insists upon Microsoft Flight Simulator as the file name. Can anyone offer suggestions?
  4. I've read the procedures and owner's manuals and performed the tutorial, but I'm still missing something that's probably obvious to everyone else. The manuals write of the external objects including power cart, tow bar and cones. I can't figure out how to control them. When I select one of the Cheyenne models from the list of all available aircraft the rotating image of the Cheyenne appears, and it includes either a tow bar or power cart in the rotating image. If I select the model, flight plan, weather and so, and then hit "go fly" the tow bar and cones appear in the external view, both on the ground and while flying. I can't turn them off. These are my questions: 1. Can I choose either power cart OR tow bar OR cones, or do I get them randomly? So far I have only got the tow bar and cones in the external view, both on the ground and flying, but never the power cart, which has only appeared in the rotating image. 2. How do I turn off the external objects so they are not flying with me when I select F11 in flight? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I found the answer to my problem. I had my ST290 set for Z axis to control fuel mixture and the Aviator Throttle #2 set for propeller pitch and these two settings on the controls were conflicting with the fuel control and collective on the Seahawk. The only remaining mystery is why it worked in that configuration for probably 20 Seahawk flights before giving me problems. I would still appreciate an answer if the London flight I identified in my earlier posting is the London tutorial that Shaun referred to.
  6. Shaun, Thanks for your fast reply to my earlier posting. I tried a number of things and followed the checklist, and now I can get the engines started. I had several successful flights, but now a new problem has arisen: After engine start the 3 sets of stack indicators go to green. As soon as I add power above 30% and/or go to auto hover and radar altimeter the NP1, NP2 and NR go back to around 85%, torque drops to 20 and the chopper can't climb. After several seconds the values go back to green, it begins to climb, but then back to red and the climb stops. I've tried both manual takeoffs and using the auto function, same problem in both cases. I recalibrated my joysticks (I use the Saitek ST290 and Aviator), that didn't help. I have the update to version 2.11 installed. Also, in your previous posting you referred me to the London tutorial. Is that the test flight on page 54 of the manual with flight plan "VFR USS Boxer Near London City.PLN"? I haven't been able to run this tutorial because of the power loss problem described above. Thanks again.
  7. I've researched the FAQs and threads and read the Seahawk manual but I can't find the answer: I follow the checklist exactly but I can't get an engine start from cold and dark. The F11 view shows the rotors turning and exhaust from the jet engines, the APU is at full power, the collective is at 30%, the ignition switch is to NORMAL, the fuel primer is on, and the air start is to engine (on the 2D; I can't move the switch in VC) but the green engine indicators never rise indicating the engines never catch. When I first boot FSX I go to the Cessna 172 and fgo through all the functions and then go to the Seahawk. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?
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