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  1. Maybe the key is also mapped to the trim up/down? That would disengage the AP. Marcus
  2. Sure Sure, here is the info about the flight from my VA briefing: DEP EDDF/ STD 19.06.2021 11:00Z ARR ESGG/ STA 19.06.2021 12:40Z ATS-ROUTE ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ MARUN Y150 TOLGI DCT ALASA DCT GOTEX N873 LOBBI ---- FL STEPS EDDF/F390 FUEL TOTAL 3.649 ZFW 27.750 You can see the position where it happened in my first screenshot of my first post in this thread. I don't know whether this has something to do with it but there additional notes about the flight: Long leg between two waypoints Strong tailwinds BTW: Here is another user reporting the exact same issue: Back then, it was assumed to be an an icing issue. Marcus
  3. Dear Aerosoft Support Team, are you still convinced that this is a problem of bindings? We have now some other users that have a similar issue like I reported. And please note that one user reports this issue in another thread:
  4. Thanks for the reply. So the binding of moving the trim up/down may be the problem? When I think about it, two questions arise: What type of control binding would that be that is only active when the AP is active? When such a binding would be the problem, why is the AP still active? Moving the stab trim manually (it’s bound to two keys at my TCA Stick) would cause the AP to disable, right? And shouldn’t such a problematic binding cause issues in every flight? Marcus
  5. I know that there is no autothrust. And as you may notice, there was an N1 of 84.5 and an N2 of 87.9 which I would assume should be sufficient to maintain speed. So maybe the plane was overloaded, but on the other hand it was no problem to reach the cruising altitude of FL390. The ZFW was 27750kg and fuel was 3649kg. The weight was definitely set via the tablet as this was a VA flight which is not recorded if the weight is not according to the briefing. Could the strong tailwind be a problem? Regarding the stab trim: well, I would assume that the control of the stab trim is a closed loop so such a "memory function" would be a really strange feature. But maybe one of the RW pilots can explain why it does this here. I will try to disable/enable FD next time this happens (which will hopefully be not too soon). Does the Aerosoft support have any opinion on this? Marcus
  6. Hello, today I had a loose of speed midflight from EDDF to ESGG and the plane started to descent. I already had reached the cruising altitude. With a SAT -48 / TAT -37 and no visible moisture I would rule out icing. This is the state during the started descent: So I disabled the AP and took over the control of the plane. I noticed that the stab trim has some very high value (around 14). So i corrected the trim and the plane stabilized: So I activated the AP again, but it then immediality put the trim back to 14 which again destablized the plane: This problem remained during the rest of the flight. So any idea why the stab trim went bonkers? And what could be the reason to loose speed midflight? I did not open the settings menu, so we can also rule this out. Marcus
  7. Same issue here. FD is 2 degrees off after takeoff during the flight.
  8. I had this effect today the first time after around 15 flights after crossing the alps.
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