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  1. PLEASE solve this problem its driving me crazy, I haver tried re-installing but it always does this, Also the cockpit is unusable and all dark as well. I did not use any shaders.
  2. Yea this happens for every a320/a321 IAE repaint I have tried. It may be to do with the fact that I got the a318/a319 and the a320/a321 pack from steam not the actual aerosoft website.
  3. I have not seen any fixes to this topic and it always happens with British airways IAE aircraft
  4. This only happens to Addons for the IAE aircraft
  5. Hello, can anyone explain the following? bearing in mind I have just dragged into the livery manager and also had to change the aircraft.cfg so they actually show up sim = A321 (instead of A321S) model = SHARKLET
  6. I put in in the livery manager a320 IAE and I opened FSX and it was not there along with the other aerosoft aircraft. Please help!!! I have tried it several times in different ways but it still doesn't show in FSX
    It does not work with livery manager or with an aerosoft aircraft
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