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  1. You may use them as well. I use Air Canada and it's okay
  2. Found it! It's the seat servo, it's played just before take off
  3. Hi, I know that anti-ice system is automatic in airbus. But also the checklists check whether the buttons are on or off. So when I could set anti-ice on? In parking state, engines / APU off? Thanks
  4. Hi, yesterday I had one engine out take off (by a Fspassenger failure). I managed to land again but the aircraft started to yaw on the left (as the faillured engine was left) as soon as i set the flaps out. Of course, it was an expected behaviour, and i used full right rudder to land but why FBW system didn't counteracted the yawing effect automatically?
  5. I see! Thanks for your explanation and the file.
  6. So any comments? Can WX radar (RL and Aerosoft's) detect turbulence alone or just only when turbulence is associated with rain?
  7. Thanks! I've also found a program named Little Nav Map, tha display sid/star on the basis of Airac cycles
  8. Hi everyone, does exist a Sid and Star viewer? I.e. I want depart from EDDF, so I would like see its sid and star on a map, based on an AIRAC database. I know that in the Airbus I can review flight plan on ND.. but is there a simple viewer to do it? Thanks
  9. Hi, what is that electric motor-like sound that I hear during the before take off checklist? Thanks
  10. Hi, I realized that turbulence is shown on ND (magenta color) when it's also raining. But if I set a turbulence area alone by Fsx weather, it is not displayed on ND.
  11. Hi, it happened several times that I flew in a region with heavy turbolence (airplane strongly shaking) but the weather radar didn't show me. It was on, all in auto, and knob on wx+t. Dimming knob on maximum as well. Tilting manually down i was able to see the echo, so it seems working. Any thoughts about? Thanks I have v1.31, and use FSX sp2
  12. Hi, please, could you explain me how to open MCDU 2D (shift+2) by pressing a joystick button of mine? I have Fsx sp2 and Airbus v1.31 Thanks!
  13. I suggest Trustmaster T16000m. I'm very happy with this for its very accurate flight control.
  14. Yes it's fine now. I was missing enter SID in f-plan. Never thought it was required for flex temp computing
  15. Ok might it be a bug afterwards your version?
  16. Hi, I followed the step by step guide. It says that Flex temperature is calculated automatically as all required values are inserted. The automatic calculation happens with A320, but not with A321. Why? Thanks. I have A320/321 v1.31 sp3
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