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  1. The issue is in 3D Mcdu Keys. I'm sorry, I used the term "press".. I meant "click"
  2. Hi, I have A320/321 v1.31, on Fsx-Sp2. I realized that pressing the corresponding lateral Keys on Mcdu in order to increase/decrease volumes (in options page) do not works properly. As I press the L/R-Keys, I get 0% and I cannot increase it. I have to select "back to default" to have it back to 95%.
  3. Please look at Step by Step guide in documentation folder of your installation.
  4. Simply you can't. You must insert your flight plan into the Mcdu. You can load your entire flight plan into Mcdu, or insert waypoint by waypoint. There are several websites that create flight plans like: http://onlineflightplanner.org
  5. Hi you have to insert manually your cruise altitude in the autopilot and left click the knob with mouse. Please look at Step by Step guide that you find in Aerosoft's documents folder. Everything is there
  6. Look at the Step by Step guide. You find it in your PC's Documents folder. It explains everything you need. You can also load an entire flight plan without needing to put every waypoint into MCDU
  7. Thank you Dave for you kindness and deep explanations, very appreciated. So I'll consider to buy the registered version Bests, Alessio
  8. Hi Marcos, just coming back to this. What if I add a lane in the Standard.xml file that I found in Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls folder? Thanks
  9. Hi, have you tried the fmgs.dll file that you can download from this topic?
  10. Have you already followed the "Step by Step guide" in the documentation folder? There are almost all the answer there
  11. So you may ask help to Steve. Maybe there is just a parameter to change in his software options. I have his fixer too, but everything is okay
  12. Thanks Marcos , I use A320/321 v1.31 with Fsx Sp2. Unlucky I don't have a registered version of Fsuipc.. However, copilot is switched on/off by hitting "2" and it's functionality is on the Mcdu2 as well. I don't know where is the code that governs that in the xml files.. as it could be useful to copy the function
  13. Hi, I've just found that A320 engines can starts even if all fuel pumps are off. Is it intended or a bug? Thanks I have airbus v1.31, FSX Sp2.
  14. Hi, please define a "little strong" turbulence. You may recreate this condition by using Fsx's wheather engine and see if the problem comes up again.
  15. Hi, is there a way to disconnect external power by a key assignment? Thanks
  16. It's your actual speed, you can simply read it in the PFD display. Of course you need to check if in FSX options you have IAS shown
  17. Hi, it is FSX Sp2 (no Steam). I've just run with and without administrative mode, but still I have that error. However the file seems had been read as the last opening date is the last one.
  18. Hi, i turned on FMGS debug in Airbus Configurator. I found this repeated error in the logbook: ERROR: copying file failed! Filename: C:\users\xxxxx\documents\aerosoft\airbus\MCDUFLPData.txt Could it be the cause some time? However, how to fix it? Thanks!
  19. Hi, Sometimes MCDU programming caused me a CTD. It happened three times, in different routes. Two times when I cancelled a F-plan discontinuty: I got CTD by clicking to accept the temporary plan. And one time when I used the function Dir To. I have Airbus v1.31, FSX-Sp2, Win10 last update. CTD occurred twice with default cycle 1511, but the last time was with the update to 1912. Thanks for upcoming help!
  20. Hi, disabled the infobar but I continue to hear its sound (i.e. at new Cl). Is it ok anyway?
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