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  1. You can find the Tutorials pdf into the Aerosoft's documentation folder of your pc.
  2. Hi, could you replicate it an other time? Start again Fsx, load the plane.. and select KDFW departure as you did.
  3. I think is feasible but I guess it was not implemented in order to don't impact frame rate too much
  4. I'm afraid that ice runway impairs some customized friction variable in this product
  5. I'm sorry, I make a different question. Does it appear only during push back? Or every time?
  6. So, does it appear without a push back condition?
  7. How was your framerate? And your time compression rate if you increased it?
  8. Thank for your clarification, but the problem is a very short flash message on ECAM that immediately disappears and it can't be read
  9. Thanks, so there isn't a fix looking into xml files? I just tested rudder trim to see if it was a momentary warning issue too, and it was
  10. Hi, I think I have an issue with warning messages on ECAM. "Speed brake still out" appears and disappear suddenly as it pops up (i.e. leaving speed brakes for too long in flight). As well as when I did this such of test: before take-off I moved rudder trim to full left and I pressed TO Config: I get the warning "rudder trim not ..." but it suddenly disappeared. All these warnings are almost unreadable as they disappear very quickly from Ecam display I have v1.31, Fsx sp2, on Win10.
  11. Hi, did you try to set 121.77 in a default aircraft? However i think the sim only accepts definite increments
  12. Right click on the A/Thr button. Be aware about thrust levers position as stated above!
  13. Hi did you fill all the required fields in the MCDU?
  14. Thanks for clarify. But my original question was that during preparation CL this button is pressed ON. I cannot find the moment in the checklists when it is turned off.
  15. Hi thank you. I was referring to "elec pump" push button. It has only on and off position
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