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    Snic Boom

    Hello, There is any effect for the sonic boom in the F-16? Vheers, Bernardo Reis
  2. I have one coocker conected to the internet my food is always on the facebook and to aerosoft forums xD
  3. Hello Folks, my entry with Omni's C152II «CS-DPD» near Tower Eiffel.
  4. Hi Lennart, is this Edge for FSX? It has Virtual Cockpit? Where did you found it? Thank you
  5. hi, yes it's free and it simulates the humaneye effect. Maybe a drop of 2or 3 FPS but amazing!!! You can download the ENB Series or HDR mod at http://speedskater.ru/download/arccv...e_for_MSFS.rar
  6. hi angelsandairwaves, for the human eye effect I used the ENB Series and for the position of the cam I used EZ_walccamera, to capture the screeshot I used the famous «V» of the FSX
  7. Hi Folks, my first attemp: I think that many entusiasts remember this one
  8. Hi, TAP Portugal TAP Portugal TAP Portugal & TAP Portugal XD
  9. Hello, I'm new here and I love aerosoft foruns(beautiful pics What I like to know it's the settings of aerosoft tester computer and his settings on FSX. My PC is equiped with a Core i7 2.7GHz, ATI radeon HD5870 1Gb DDR5, and 1TB avaliable Can you tell me the best settings for high frame rate and the best graphics? Bernardo Reis
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