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  1. Using A330 version

    If you have an ECAM page selected, when performing a FIRE Test, the ECAM page keeps displayed.

    It should change to the respective page (APU in case of APU FIRE Test or ENG in case of ENG FIRE Test).

  2. When performing ENG Fire Test, it triggers ENG 1 FIRE and ENG 2 FIRE.

    The ECAM displays the ENG 1 FIRE warning but it should display ENG 1 FIRE.

    Due to the overflow, it should also display ENG 2 in red in the MEMO display.



  3. A330 with

    The automatic Outter to inner tank transfer appears on the FUEL SD page with filled green triangles.




    Being an automatic transfer, it should appear with empty green triangles. FCOM DSC-28-20



  4. A330

    The FD should be automatically removed when the Pitch exceeds 25º UP or 13º DN. Also with the bank angle exceeding 45º.

    Is it the same for the A320, don't know how the A320 Pro is but I would assume the same.


    Taken from DSC-22_30-20 P 6/8


  5. Ver of the A330.

    Creating a coordinate waypoint (3800.0N/02000.0W) creates a LL01 (this is true for the A320, not for the A330).

    It should name the waypoint as N38W020, as shown in the picture below. This is valid for both Thales and Honeywell FMSs.



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  6. 2 hours ago, masterhawk said:

    Is that in general not possible in the A330 or just a thing of newer EIS2 version?

    I had taken that from the A32S FCOM.






    On the A330 it flashes ILS next to the LOC deviation scale. But when you turn on LS p/b, it does not show nothing. Currently it is showing ILS in magenta. I checked from A330Neos to old Ceos and they were all like this.

  7. 2 hours ago, masterhawk said:

    Will forward to dev.


    - Will forward to de.


    Spacing is limitation of P3D. The other I will forward to dev.


    Will forward to dev.


    Depends on airlien and manuafaturer if ISIS.


    Will forward to dev.


    Will add to tracking system.

    Will add to tracking system.


    Will add to tracking system.



    Will add to tracking system.


    Will add to tracking system.



    More tomorrow



    I hope that me and @TGoncalves don't make it to difficult to develop things. :D

    In all seriousness, great product and great contact between the devs and the costumers.

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  8. When the fuel starts transfering to the trim tank, the FUEL SD page displays the TRIM TK ISOL valve as closed.

    During fuel transfer, it should be open.

    It also appears that the TRIM TK XFR memo is missing. Don't know about the TRIM TK XFRD because I still have 7 hours to go...

  9. When displaying MCDU MENU, the top left shows FMGC.

    For the A330, it should show FM1 on MCDU1 and FM2 on MCDU2.


    I am also not sure about the AIDS and the CFDS pages. Normally it is ACMS on 3L and CMS on 4L.

  10. Currently the FIX INFO selections are independent from each side. Meaning if you insert a FIX INFO on MCDU 1 it will show on MCDU1 and ND1 but it will not appear on MCDU2 and ND2.

    The entries should be for both sides.

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  11. During cockpit preparation, when checking the batteries, the battery charge current remains constant for a few seconds.

    Normally it starts at a high value and goes progressively to zero.

  12. During cruise, the brake temperature indication on the WHEEL SD page sometimes shows -5, -10 degrees. According to FCOM, the minimum temperature shown is 0 degrees.
    I also would like to say that the temperature drops quite fast in an unrealistic way, not sure if know and intended to improve the simulation physic or outside the scope of the product.

  13. When performing a no FD takeoff, you do not get A/THR arming, you cannot manage the speed and no FMA shows on thrust application.


    On the A330, the speed can stay in managed and the A/THR arms, making the a A/THR modes appear on the FMA.




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