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  1. @Mathijs KokWhen can we expect to see some videos and twitch streams with the crj? Do youtubers and twitchers have access to it yet?
  2. I hope that if it is implemented, it is better than the default one! That one sucks and barely accurate. @Mathijs Kok does the CRJ have an aerosoft-quality WX radar?
  3. Know knowing that this has been pushed back by some days, could you tell us what the original release date would have been. I’m sure some in here would like to know if the guesses right 😅.
  4. Just a guess. I think the launch is going to be the first week of March and Mathijs said launch would be a week or so after youtubers had access to it.
  5. March 4th release? With YouTube and twitch people getting access this week. Did anyone guess March 4?
  6. What does this mean exactly? Release when we hit page 99 haha??!
  7. Actually thats a good question tho. How much time between the streamers getting and us getting it? @Mathijs Kok
  8. What is exactly did the folks at Asobo change? Anything that will delay the aircraft do you think?
  9. CptCanada has not already received this product!! I wonder what creaters are they planning to give this to?
  10. Also found this one from 4 days ago... https://youtu.be/32NwaAH9Qq8
  11. @Mathijs Kok I don’t know if you can answer this yet but when will youtubers be able to start making videos with the CRJ?
  12. So judging by this the social media people (youtube and twich) don't have access to this yet. Probably not going to release this week then boys. Let's hope for the next week release and perhaps videos and livestreams this weekend!
  13. @Mathijs Kok Can you give us this hint: how long before release will the social media people have access to it?
  14. Could you point us in the right direction? Are we looking too far into by looking at radio frequencies, etc? Is it more obvious?
  15. Here to join the fun! I bet it’s this date too and... I think the youtubers already have access to this under NDA for day 1 videos! Either everything is pointing to next week! Anybody find other potential release dates?
  16. Come on @Mathijs Kok!!!!!! Let us know a little bit! Perhaps an estimate. Next week, this month? Tell us!!!! Thanks for making this aircraft the best it can be! I can’t wait!
  17. @Mathijs Kok Is there any planned date yet as to when the YouTube and twitch personalities will have access to the CRJ?
  18. Sorry for bringing back a little speculation to the forum but when do you guys think this bird will be ready? From the screenshots, it looks like it’s going to be sooner rather than later. Perhaps in conjunction with the UK world update?
  19. They have said that they are providing review units to serious major Twitch/Youtube personalities so I assume that FSElite and others will also get in on the fun!
  20. Yes, those would be the content creaters I'd like seeing flying this product early! Please Aerosoft and @Mathijs Kok !
  21. That is very interesting given that they had mentioned they would be giving early access in the past.
  22. @Mathijs Kok I’m not sure if this question can be answered due to the new comms policy but I will try anyways. Is it still the intention to allow media personalities (serious streamers and youtubers) access to the CRJ before it goes out on sale? Cheers!
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