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  1. Success at last. I can see all the cool airline planes at the aero bridges at the airport. (Swiss, United, JAL and many more) But one other issue I am facing and I would love help on that. How do u see those cool real airline schedules ? I am attaching a screenshot. (Its MyTraffcBoard). What do I do to get that to display in my FSX ? Thanks for your wonderful help and support. warm regards sanjay
  2. Thank u Sirs...I have installed the tool and going to weed out the devils and try once again. Thanks once again for your cheerful alacrity and helpful handholding. regards sanjay
  3. Thanks for your reply. Which directory do I need to check for the FSX setup files and what filename & extensions are these files ? Thanks for your help in advance. Other question I have is with My Traffic 2010, I am expecting that I will be able to select (for example) a Swiss Air - Boeing 747-300 inside the FSX "Free Flight" menu For now I only see default airlines Microsoft fictitious airlines like "World Travel" Airlines and Global Freightways
  4. Hi I just installed My Traffic 2010 as an addon to the existing FSX Deluxe. I am not able to see the planes and the airlines of My Traffic 2010 inside FSX. For example I cant see united Airlines or Swiss Air....or I cant see A380...and these seem to be available in My Traffic 2010. Note: I installed the SP2 patch on FSX "AFTER" I installed My Traffic 2010. Could this be the issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Regards sanjay
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