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    Dear Aerosoft, I know your hands must me full of work with your projects, but wanted to ask if you would see feasible an A310-200/300 for MSFS. Once thete was one from SSW, but thats long time ago. A mixed tech like this,made by you could be a success I think, a plane able to fly medium range and ETOPS long hauls. What do you tell me ?
  2. Aerosoft Team ! Could you think about developing a full Pack E-2 C/D + USS Gerald Ford CVN 78 ? Would be awesome another software F-14 Kitty Hawk style . Rgds.
  3. Hi guys, Im wondering what would you think about something that could be called- Aerosoft Naval Series- Yeah, imagine the construction of accurate and detailed controlable naval models for FSX and in conjunction a tool able to walk inside in 1st person. Given the point, also 3d ports could be developed later on. For example, the Kitty Hawk that will come with the F-14 is a quite good example, WHY DONT MAKE A FULL CARRIER,CONTROLLABLE AND OPERATIVE ? Cheers.
  4. Well, today I was almost capturing the Glide stablish on the 36C when my sim started to jump following the CRASH. Have this something to do with all said in this post? Any help? Thanks.
  5. Hi developers, Given though I still have not seen your 320 X due to Im waiting for the V2........,can you tell me if the ENGINE START SEQUENCE is like the real one or the managed by FSX? Would be interesting to emulate ALL the steps(air press bleed discharge,stages rotation,etc) in their correct values and times. Good job.
  6. Hi Gentlemen, Now that we have vessels and weapons into FSX,what do you think about implementing detailed 3D ports and harbours? Also,complex units could be built,like Carriers,FFGs,destroyers or cruisers.
  7. Hi, Would like that IBERIA A319-321 Liveries were included aswell in further releases. Thanks.
  8. Do you think guys it will take long time to release the Advanced version once worked out? 3 months? maybe 6 ? Cheers.
  9. Would be possible to include these Items ? -Airplane suitable to get airfoil,engine and window icing in a logical way,making the need to use anti ice systems? -Allow the COMM boxes on the pedestal and the transponder to change frequencies into the Ivap/teamspeak software,by setting COMM to Active and Transponder to ON. Thanks.
  10. In fact,concerning the refueling I have seen a box on the overhead panel of the latest A320/21. From there you set the selected Block Fuel into a window,and presents the progress with the Actual into another. That would be a quite good ITEM to count with aswell.
  11. Hi Mathijs, Just some lines you could include into the Advanced version A320. - Full detailed and extended NavData + SID STARS from Navigraph -Full integration with XPAX -A module where you can select the Fuel Qty to refuel,and see the refueling progress till the end on the ECAM -Extension to A319 -A module able to connect GPU + ASU -Full advanced FMGS/MCDU showing Max Weights into PERF Page -Capability to open/close engine cowls,APU,Radar radome -Full ND Weather Radar Best Regards.
  12. Hi developers, Can you give us any clue concerning an advanced patch for A320/21,implementing SIDS/STARS,accurate ADIRUS.......etc ? Maybe by Christmas? Regards.
  13. Hello Gentlemen, Just let you know that some things have changed at Palma de Mallorca airport since few weeks ago: 1- There is a new Apron with parking positions for Turboprops just in front of the glass terminal serving interisland flights(mainly Air Nostrum) 2- Next month starts operating the new terminal module C,will be used in hub ops for Air Berlin. Can you think about developing an update including that? Thanks.
  14. Hey Mathijs, please tell us that you will develop an upgrade concerning ADIRS/FMGS for professional use,lets say by summer??? Please,please,please !!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi All,congratulations for this new project and two things; 1. My vote for an advanced FMGS so as some module features like connect GPU and ASU. 2. Hope that we will have an A321 Iberia livery,right? Regards.
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