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  1. @Jo Erlend that will be cherry on this fabulous cake. Love the product, it is outstanding and sets the standards very high.
  2. I use AIG at 100% and see plenty of A320s and some 737 at stands. However I didn't see any heavies like the 777/787/747 at all. Any clues will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I use AIG at 100% and see plenty of A320s and some 737 at stands. However I didn't see any heavies like the 777/787/747 at all. Any clues will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Got it, installed it and very happy with it. I have AIG running at 100% but cant see any heavies at the airport, it has plenty of 320, one or two 220 and some embrarers. The trailer had a good deal of them, any pointers will be quiet helpful.
  5. So anytime now How do they manage to get so much moving traffic? I have AIG set at 100% and still get only some moving at major airports like EDDM, LSZH and so on. Sorry for being off topic.
  6. It should be, originally it was targeted for Q1. So release may just be round the corner now.
  7. @Mathijs Kok only a week to go before Q1 ends. Is the release in sight? 🙂
  8. I am waiting to lap it up as soon as it comes out this month, assuming Q1 release still holds.
  9. Thanks for reminding and I misconstrued Er!ks comment being for Aerosoft.
  10. We are about to enter the last month of Q1. @Mathijs Kok any hint of date this will be released?
  11. I believe simple port over will have limitations around leveraging new features that MSFS as a platform exposes for taking things to the next level; caveat being I've only heard it on forums of 3P devs, don't know what they are though. There are things like responding to wind, temperature, pressure at individual control surface level that may be compromised in a like to like porting. When we make the product interact with sim, initial porting may only help that much - get some sort of a head start instead of starting from scratch.
  12. One must bear in mind, August is also a vacation time in Europe with people taking 2 to 3 weeks off and most organizations working at reduced capacity. So, it is unlikely any release will be in August.
  13. To get there, one should be able to fly in the first place
  14. SU5 has got to be the most disruptive release, hopefully lessons will be learnt by Asobo
  15. Please add Vistara Airlines as well, major operator in India and has international routes as well.
  16. we need all of major airports including EDDF, LFPG, EGLL - handcrafted ones simply fall short compared to these fabulous products from quality, performance and a lot of other aspects.
  17. Which means a lot of testing will need to happen before adapting to MSFS and building new features to leverage the platforms capabilities - this is a lot of hard work. Taking a wild guess, we may see it by end of this year, on an optimistic note.
  18. I was so impressed by Trondheim that I double purchased Klon. So this is how it goes - around Christmas, purchased Klon from marketplace and to my dismay, installing it via the marketplace always resulted in CTD at the end of installation. After much debugging discovered there is some problem due to which any payware that I purchase from marketplace always result in CTD towards the end of installation. Then I got Trondheim directly from Aerosoft which worked like a charm. Latest update to Trondheim had me convinced that I again bought Klon - this time directly from Aerosoft and the result has me very pleased. Just cant wait for Brussels now. 😉
  19. Checked that, it doesn't appear there. and while investigating and going through another thread found it in Documents\Aerosoft folder. Windows 10 does strange things I guess
  20. pchitkara

    ENVA Update

    Hi, I cant find the AS Updater on my system and as a result how can I upgrade ENVA to latest version? Regards, Pankaj
  21. pchitkara


    Where can the updater be downloaded?
  22. I filed a zendesk and haven't got any reply therefore was looking for clues here. Thanks! Also, since marketplace is also controlled by MFS, ideally when someone downloads a scenery, they should be looking it up in the rolling cache and clear it. It shouldn't be very difficult and will eliminate headache for a lot of people. Can this be suggested to Asobo by Aerosoft?
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