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  1. Thank you so much Propane!!!!! Please upload this ASAP if you can!!!! -Dennis
  2. This plane is amazing!!! Is there a united airlines livery in both old and new colors available? I need it for virtual flying :} Thanks, Dennis
  3. Sir, with all thee respect. You should really stop bickering at everybody. This plane is intended for basic users only who want to get into the plane right away and fly for enjoyment without having to read huge manuals or aircraft POH's just to start the aircraft and get it rolling. This isn't a full blown level-D A320 systems simulator that is being developed here, which i believe you seem to not understand. Also, i do not know what your aviation background is, but you are on these forums monitoring all day long, which is not a bad thing, but you claim to be a real world A320 pilot. Shouldn't you be flying the real aircraft on a set line 80 hours a month and not flying simplified "toy" Wilco airbus's or posting on this forum how bad this aircraft is and complaining and trying to show off your aviation knowledge about 5 times every day while making everybody angry? You are stimulating new problems. You have to calm down sir... again, with all due respect to you.... -Dennis
  4. Quick Question! if it has been asked i am sorry... Will you be able to adjust the brightness of the displays?? -Dennis
  5. No matter if it is a EIS2 or EIS1 cockpit it depends on the airlines and what color FCU they want.... Jetblue has only EIS2 A320 and they use only white for their FCU. United has both EIS1 and EIS2 A320 and A319's and the EIS1 are all orange and EIS2 are mostly orange and some white FCU'S. -Dennis
  6. Tristan. You will be able to insert them but only manually. The FMGS wont have preset SID/STARS so you will have to enter all the waypoints and airways manually into the FMGS, which is no big deal. -Dennis
  7. Greg, i do not mean to be rude or disrespectful but are you on something? it look completely fine. why wont you take a look at the VC video preview and then tell me if you think it is properly integrated or not. - Dennis
  8. PTU sounds are not heard from the cockpit, only from the cabin and if this project is being made from the pilots view and not the passengers view and to add to the realism i do not suggest to include the PTU sounds to be heard from the cockpit. -Dennis
  9. Hello! I cannot wait to buy this plane but i am probably going to get killed on this forum for asking this question and i do apologize but here goes, is release still planned for this month, March? -Dennis
  10. I apologize if this has been asked already but is there going to be a United Airlines livery? Thanks, Dennis
  11. Hello! I am very excited about this aircraft and cannot wait to buy it. It looks simply amazing. I just have 2 questions if thats ok... 1. Will this aircraft feature the new airbus GPWS sounds or the old ones? I take that it will have the new ones since the model you are making is with the newer IES2 displays. But will both be available? and... 2. Will there be a united airlines livery for the A320? That will be the only airline i will fly with this plane since i am getting this addon for united virtual. Thanks for you time, Dennis
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