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  1. Ok. Do you know how long it will be till the ingame release of this updates? Will it take days or weeks or longer? PS: Jo you are making great stuff with your scenerys. Go on like that and thank you for your help.
  2. Ok thank you. But why is this update not availible in the marketplace? I have the version for Trondheim and for Paderborn. The sim says, that i already have the latest version. So why do I not get this updates? Are they delayed?
  3. Hi, I bought the Trondheim and Padaborn Airports for the MSFS 2020 in the Marketplace. In the product details I saw, that the VDGS should work. But they don't. F.e. in Padaborn Gate 4-6 they should work, but sometimes they are flying and they don't show the VDGS. Same in Trondheim. I tried it on every Gate but it doesn't work. Does anyone have the same issiue? Is it because of SDK limitations? Will it be working in the future, and will those bugs be fixed?
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