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  1. oh, sorry i've not read the pages number 18 and 19 (just forgot it) now i know.....
  2. Are there any new news on the point of release of this bus? So when can we have it?
  3. Yes it would be great to see that on a screen in the vc, but if you really want this you can also open another window where you can see the landing gear, or? (that's what i often do)
  4. since i have the a300 my fsx changes the view every view seconds to the next one. (not only when i'm flying the a300, but also when i'm flying diffrent aircrafts) can somebody out there help me?
  5. Mathijs can you load a video of the vc on youtube or something ? whould be great to see this aircraft is action (and not only on screenshots; moving pictures are I mean) (sorry for my bad english... nobody is perfect XD)
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