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  1. There will not be an FSX version of the A330, sorry. Write to support@aerosoft.com, maybe they can do something for you. Here in the forums it will not be possible to help you.
  2. And most certainly make Hifi aware as well, I also keep getting constant CTD's with the Active Sky beta for P3Dv5 in all other places, such as HEGN, LGRP, etc.
  3. Hi, You can not increase it, that's the range used by the actual aircraft.
  4. The Airbusses are not yet P3Dv5 compatible. They may or may not work, we can not give support, sorry.
  5. 24/06 is almost never used for takeoffs unless crosswind on the main runway approaches operational limitations. I believe in a year and a half based at CGN I used it maybe 3 or 4 times. Each of them during major storms only. Landing is a different story of course, we use 24 regularly for landing. 06 not that much, but it's also used.
  6. The LS button is only for Precision approaches, for NPA's please DO NOT push it as it will block the NPA indications from the PFD and overwrite them with an empty ILS scale.
  7. You should probably have informed yourself before the purchase what LIDO charts are. They are airline charts. Used by Lufthansa, etc. You won't get a refund because it was never advertised that cat A/B aircraft are included. Lufthansa Systems even lists all of this on their own tutorials on youtube:
  8. Because airports have no systems. And small aircraft don't have complex systems. Especially Carenado, Alabeo, etc. are just default system with nicer looks. I'm not an Aerosoft employee. Only a volunteering pilot, trying to help the flight sim community. I wrote my post in the same stlye you wrote yours. Try to reflect on it. As we say in Germany. "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es aus diesem hinaus". If you want a nice answer I suggest you to write in a nice tone next time. How do you believe those people who invest 10+ hours every day into get
  9. Should count as what? Shall we release an unfinished product which keeps crashing? I bet *then* you would express quite some different feelings. As it has been said a thousand times: P3Dv5 is not simply an updated v4. It's a new simulator with significant changes. If you are able to convert any product to the new sim within a matter of days Aerosoft will gladly hire you. You would probably become the lead developer in a matter of days. Now look at other complex aircraft addons. Tell me a single complex airliner which is fully compatible already. PMDG? No FSL? Nope
  10. You, my friend, have no idea about software development.
  11. oh wow, I never noticed! Thanks a lot for your kind words Herman! Those ten years here in the forums went by really fast!
  12. You can make that setting within FTX Central, however please have a look into the manual or ORBX forums to find out the exact way. Keep in mind Aerosoft does not sell any ORBX products.
  13. Very nice video comparison. I am actually surprised how close it is. We're talking maybe a second in difference, that seems absolutely fine to me. Closer than many other addons, including study level ones!
  14. You'd leave the FD on as long as it gives good information. When it does not give you useful information (for instance if there's no runway waypoint in the FMC). Otherwise you'd leave them ON; unless you want to turn them off. If you *want* to turn the FD's off to practice raw data flying you can do so at all time when you want. The Bird is available with both FD ON and OFF. If you're flying an NPA it can be good practice to turn it on to monitor the flight path angle. It is not mandatory however, but simply good practice. I assigned FSUIPC to send a keyb
  15. Okay, what you describe there is actually something which never happened to me, despite flying the A330 for hundrets of hours.
  16. Ein Circling Approach ist ein Sichtflugmanöver (nicht zu verwechseln mit VFR Manöver, Du bleibst weiterhin IFR!). Du musst ihn also nicht komplett nach magenta Linie (oder grüner Linie im Airbus) fliegen. Ich würde einen Standart Anflug auf die 26 programmieren (LOC/DME oder RNAV) und den Circling dann nach Sicht fliegen. Dafür gibt es ja auch die CIrcling Chart.
  17. It's called a headrest and your camera addon positioned your point of view inside of the headrest. You might want to set up a new viewpoint.
  18. Could you please be a bit more specific? I really can not imagine what you might see from this explanation.
  19. Just as a note here, the *target* fps set in the sim is not the same as the actual framerate. Just because it's set to unlimited you do not automatically get unlimited framerates. Make sure the *actual* framerate does not drop below 18, not even for just split seconds.
  20. I had this happen two or three times in my last 60 flights. It's being caused by an issue with the cruise altitude resetting to a lower level when pushing the ALT knob shortly before the T/D. There seems to be a condition, which I don't yet know which one it is, where it does not initiate DES phase, but rather resets the cruise level to a lower level. This drives the pressurization system haywire. I did not manage to work our a workaround yet.
  21. Ich kenne mich zwar mit X-Plane nicht aus, aber wenn es mit einer Cessna funktioniert und mit der 737 nicht, dann lässt mich das stark vermuten, dass Du mit den Rudder Pedals und nicht mit dem Tiller steuerst. In der 737 hast Du mit den Pedals 8° Nose Wheel Steering, mit dem Tiller 75°. Damit lässt sich der Flieger dann auch direkt auf der Stelle drehen. In wie weit das im X-Plane umgesetzt ist, weiß ich nicht.
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    Please run a search in this forum to find the answers you are looking for. It has all been posted already.
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