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  1. The thing is, what is "better"? I agree that EA looks pretty darn nice if you look at it on screenshots. But actually flying in the sim it has severe limits. For one it can't transition smoothly to new weathers. Then it still has very limited (3?) types of clouds. Then, I'm flying at 450kt ground speed and I'm overtaken by clouds in cruise? What?! EA is a nice demo of what's possible with a new engine. I kinda see it the same way as the Dx10 Preview back in FSX days. Looked nice, but was pretty buggy. In my opinion a good sim is made mainly by two points: Usability and reliability. Is v5 usable? Well, apart from the continious crashes, high demand on hardware, yes, it is. I flew some 300h in it since its release, thanks to short time work in my real job. If you don't have high end hardware v4.5 performs better than v5 though. With high end hardware v5 performs better than v4.5. I tend to say most simmers do not actually have high end hardware as in 5GHz CPUs, RTX 20xx's, 32GB RAM, etc. Then there's reliability. Sure, I spent most of my v5 time flying HF1. And what can I say, it crashed in one way of the other on every second flight. With HF2 I've had one ctd now in like 5 flights. Better, but still not reliable. But we'll see where things go, 5 flights is not exactly a point to judge from. Compare to that P3Dv4.5: It runs as it should, hardly any ctds, etc. People have been using it for 3 years now without major problems affecting usability or reliability. v5 isn't even close to that reliability, even with HF2. So yeah, the sim is on a good way and has a huge potential. I need to second Mathijs opinion though, in terms of what most people want to do with it, it's not getting close to v4.5 yet, though it's certainly on a good way.
  2. Which of course you know just less than 24 hours from its relesae...
  3. You sent those E-Mails one hour and one minute before opening this thread...
  4. In my opinion threads should not be closed only because the moderator *believes* they have been answered. Only once the customer *confirms* the problem is solved or after a certain period of time (say two weeks) without an answer they should be closed.
  5. Things like these are best discussed by E-Mail as personal data and payment data will be needed which should never be posted in public. Chances are that maybe something went wrong with the payment, etc. Please drop an e-mail to support@aerosoft.com and you'll get help.
  6. Hi, if I'm not totally mistaken that something which is still being worked on for future updates.
  7. Hi, which speed do you fly such an intercept with? Mostly such turns are the result of very high speeds. Anything below 200kt IAS should work fine.
  8. Hi Uwe, für Support für die P3Dv5 Version poste bitte im Airbus Professional Forum, hier bist Du im FSX/P3Dv3 Forum gelandet.
  9. Hi, there certainly is a chance, but currently there's not enough data and/or time available for those. Right now developers are busy working on several plattforms (P3Dv4, v4, MSFS) already so capacity to include major new features such as new engine models are limited. That doesn't mean it won't happen in the future, but currently no promises can be given.
  10. Bonjour, as you're posing in the English forums please write in English language as well. Alternatively please post in the French subforum. Merci
  11. Hi Andrew, this is being checked by the developers. Currently it's something that was implemented in the A320 long ago, but then simply never was ported to the A330 as none of the testers used it. Might be included in an upcoming A330 update if we find the time for it.
  12. Thanks, if you ever encounter it again please send the full flightplan, best even save the flight and send us the full saved flight.
  13. That's not planned anytime soon. EFB's are the future, well or in real life they are the very present. My airline was probably the last to make the switch to a completly paperless flight deck in Europe (or the US) now with the end of the complete Corona stop.
  14. Are you able to reproduce this? Which weather engine did you use? If you're using ASP3D please tell us an exact time and location when you see this so that we can try to replicate it.
  15. Hi Fruman, which flight do you use as default flight? Could it maybe be that the aircraft in there has the fuel cut off? I'd recommend always to use the standart flight with the standart fighter. I'm pretty sure something is interfering with your simulators fuel controls here. Maybe an internal mixture axis set to cutoff or something the like.
  16. Hi, were there any discontinunities or anything strange with the linedrawing, etc.? Did the total mileage to the destination make sense (aka did you not accidentally insert a waypoint with the same name but in a different location)?
  17. It's impossible to provide some general settings as every joystick is different and in differnet conditions. You can use the slope function of FSUIPC to adjust the aileron to your liking. Maybe include a deadzone as well if your stick is too sensitive. You just have to experiment a bit to find settings that suit you and your setup.
  18. What's happening here is a feature used during flightplan editing. If you insert the same waypoint twice in a flightplan the Airbus joins them up and removes anything in between. If the same is supposed to happen during SID/STAR selection I don't know. I'm afraight right now there are not a lot of pilots flying who could give it a shot in the real deal to confirm or deny. All I can tell is that from the FCOM's description it is correct that if the same waypoint is inserted twice anything in between is removed. However that part of the FCOM is probably to be seen in a route editing context. I'd say the only way to find out is to check it in the actual plane. I myself can only speak for the 737 and I'd actually expect this behaviour for the same reason mentioned for the Airbus above.
  19. I won't go into detail what happened with DetCord, that's not for the public eyes. Rest assured he can always contact Aerosoft using the support email address. He indeed is an excellent painter, but there were certain limits overstepped which resulted in his ban. Thanks for forwarding the message, it'll go right to the legal department.
  20. So switch it to a page which is not an unnecessary distraction. There is a useful page for *any* phase of flight, be it the enroute chart of your flightplan. I have my EFB running all the time as well in real life.
  21. Hi Louis, the clickspot of the instinctive disconnect button is indeed not modelled as we did not believe anyone would look down to the thrust levers to disconnect since normally you'd disconnect the AT only in rather busy situations. We therefore use the default command to simulate. the AT disconnec button
  22. Are you sure all the weights are entered correctly? Looks like something gets messed up during the calculation, which would point to weights or weather data.
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