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  1. 3 minutes ago, bendead said:


    It's not the case already?


    This problem was reported a couple of days after release and a dev said he will look at it.


    Correct, he'll look at it. However looking at it doen't mean that it's immediately fixable. Mabye a sim update is required first.
    Thus "it will be looked at" still stands.

  2. You ask your base captain for an iPad or similar EFB device, ask your engineer to install a mounting and a USB charger in the plane and then install it.


    Or you tell us which addon aircraft you are asking about and we will be able to tell you how to do it in the sim. ;)

  3. 58 minutes ago, UptownJones7 said:

    So I've conducted another flight and on departure I kept wing and cowl anti-ice and MZFW was still exceeded by the time I climbed above the clouds. I also have the icing effect in the sim set to "visual only".


    The wings and engines are not the only parts that can ice up, the fuselage and tailplane can ice up as well, despite all wing and engine anti ice being turned on.

    The visual only setting is currently bugged, it still increases your weight.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Michael1955 said:


    Sorry Admin,

    nichts anderes habe ich in meinen vorhergehenden Beiträgen zum Ausdruck gebracht.


    Kein Grund sich angegriffen zu fühlen Micha, niemand hat behauptet Du hättest etwas falsches gesagt. Ich habe nur nochmal alles zusammengefasst und mit einigen Informationen ergänzt.

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  5. Die Minimum Use Height der AP der 737NG ist 158ft AGL, die meisten Airlines definieren jedoch eine größere Höhe zum einschalten des AP. In meiner Airlines ist das 1000ft über der Elevation des Abflugflughafens.

    Wenn Du den AP einschalten willst musst Du vorher genau auf dem Flight Director ausgerichtet sein und darfst keinen Druck am Steuerhorn ausüben (sprich das Höhenruder muss ausgetrimmt sein).

    Wenn der FD zentriert ist, kannst Du den AP einschalten.

  6. There's indeeed something big that just came out... the Working Title CJ4 now supports Navigraph Charts! Go and get it, you don't want to miss out!

    Ohhhhh yes, and then there's that new subscription website. Time to forget about it again.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Caterpillar said:

    So the absolute speed at which the wing generates enough lift to get off the ground, is affected by runway conditions?  


    If that is the case, then i stand corrected.


    It's not that easy. There are usually no fixed V1, Vr and V2 speeds, there is always a range of speeds from which to select.
    If you choose a lower V1 you can also choose a lower Vr since, amonst other limits, Vr can be limited by V1.
    Now a lower V1 will mean that if an engine fails exactly at V1 (keep in mind we always calculate with the worst case scenario) your aircraft has less lift than if you had a higher V1. Thus it will adchieve a worse angle in the climbout.
    If you choose a very low V1 but very high V2 your single engine performance will be very limiting, therefore selecting a lower V2 may increase your climb limited weights.

    The whole topic is really a lot more complex, if you're interested into it run a google search and you'll find a LOT of topics about it.

    In short: There is no simple answer to your statement/question. Every operator descides on their favorite policy and that is what they make their tables up for.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Citation X said:

    Do you guys recommend I get the CRJ from the marketplace or from Aerosoft directly?


    If you buy directly from Aerosoft you'll be first in line to get updates as other vendors often take a short while until they have them available (see a certain other release from last friday).

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  9. 1 hour ago, chipkiel said:

    Will we be able to download it from the instant download section of the aerosoft shop? 




    Once they are released - yes. I wouldn't expect them before monday for the reasons mentioned already.

  10. HI,


    Alpha Floor activates when you fly too slow.

    The vast amount of customers I see who encounter it are rotating much to quickly during takeoff, leading to liftoff with high G forces on the plane and very little speed, therefore activating the protection.

    Steps how to exit A Floot are described in the manual. Basically: Set thrust levers to TOGA, disconnect A/T, set thrust levers to CL, engage A/T. Note this is the quick and dirty version, details are in the productmanual.

  11. 1 hour ago, lowpolybutt said:

    I would've thought if there were to be an announcement it'd be at the "standard" time of ~1700z to ensure most people are awake to see it, if there is to be one today at all


    At that time the Aerosoft Offices will be empty and their staff will be on their well deserved way home. ;)

    If something is released it'll be during business hours in Germany. And I am NOT saying that will be today...or tomorrow... just read Mathijs' post a bit further up.

  12. I kinda doubt it, you're among the first I remember to ask for an A310 ever since I'm in flight simulation and that is a couple of years now.

    The A300 back in the day wasn't much of a success either if I remember right. But who knows, there's a dev working on an A300 for MFS if I'm not mistaken, maybe they'll do an A310 afterwards. We'll see.

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