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  1. Thank you for the report, the constraint issue is under investigation internally already and we are working on a fix which is currently on its way to our testers. chances are that if all goes well it might find its way into the next update (no promise though). I'll also point out the ETA bug once again, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the report, I'll have it checked out by the developer.
  3. Most likely because you did not put the landing gear lever down at FL200 as in your video
  4. Hi, you mean the max speed, not altitude, don't you? Take a careful look at all your cockpit instruments and levers. You'll find something, even in your video you uploaded, which will explain the problem. And it is even correct behaviour by the Airbus It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  5. Where did you type FL280 into? If you put it in as a new cruising level the Airbus will simply go to IDLE and pitch for speed. That could lead to a 4000fpm descend. If you get an early descend simply dial in the new level and press the ALT knob. You don't need to update the FMGS if you simply want to start your descend a bit earlier.
  6. Hi, what I'm looking for is basically just the latest of your crashreports as the previous one did not give a clear indication regarding our Airbus. Maybe there's something different in the new one. We are just looking for new hints as to what the reason for your crash could be.
  7. We haven't tried this particular setup, but it should work with any joystick which you can assign via the P3D controls. FSUIPC assignment will also work as long as you use the "Sent direct to FSUIPC calibration" option.
  8. Hi Gaz, preselecting the speed as a selected mode before takeoff is not possible in an A320. If you want to fly a certain speed after departure you can preselect a speed on the CLB page or enter a constraint on the F-PLN page.
  9. Hello, I'm sorry for the late reply. Can you post the crashlog from the Windows Event Viewer here?
  10. Hi Flavio, A1B1C1D1O1S1S2 will work for the A320 family.
  11. Indeed, Alabeo doesn't do any complex animation, they use all default P3D code. Thus the animations show. Their models look impressive, but the aircraft are rather basic. If you simulate different spoiler angles caused by different flap angles, flight detents, ground detents, etc. you get into a whole different level and can't use the default systme anymore.
  12. Those aircraft which do show the animations when replaying use the default FSX/P3D animations system which is quite a basic one. You can not do any advanced stuff with it, that's why we don't use it for ours. Unfortunately the sideeffect of it is that the animations do not show in replay. As for the thrust issue after replay I can only take a rough guess here: I guess it is being triggered by the fact that the aircraft gets airbourne in the replay. Since our FBW is calculated on a frame by frame basis that means that if you go back into the air the aircraft could potentially think you're airborne again and thus try to react accordingly. That's just a rough guess without deeper analysis though.
  13. Time time looks correct for a flight from Frankfurt to Croatia, but the distance is certainly not. Could you give us your full flightplan and payload details so that we can try to replicate this one?
  14. It's called 8.33, though the frequencies do not always resamble that as sometimes a .005 is missing, etc. Looks to me like they did some rounding or I-don't-know-what, but it is called 8.33khz.
  15. Not really, they have a dummy scrolling through the numbers, but they do literally nothing, except from increasing your time to reach the desired frequency. Looks nice in the first two flights, thereafter it gets incredibly boring to dial through all those frequencies if they do just nothing. That's actually the same in real life. In flightschool I flew an aircraft where you could change the frequencyrange of the comm's "on the fly". We always set it to 25khz (that was at the time where we only had 8.33 in upper airspace, so the equipment was there in all aircraft, but it was not used where we flew. Pretty much the same as implementing it in FS would be at the moment).
  16. Hi Lennart, - Rain RPLNT is a rain protection function of the aircraft. It sprays a fluid on the windscreen which makes it easier for the rain to run off the screen, thus enabling better vision in rain. I tend to say on most real aircraft it is either not installed or inop It's just expensive and you have wipers anyway. - The Transponder is looked into already - The Squawk Charlie offset is implemented already, however we found an issue with it which is under investigation. Must have slipped in with one of the latest versions before release. - The 8.33khz spacing is not supported by P3D or any online network. Therefore, for the time being, we have no intention to implement it. Should P3D support 8.33khz at some point in the future this will of course be changed. - P3D does not support windshear (at least no realistic windshear, I'm not talking about those windchanges when flying from one "weatherregion" into another), therefore there is nothing there which our radar could detect .Here too, once Lockheed implements it (which is not planned by LM as far as we know at the moment9 we will reconsider this. Switching the button is SOP though, that's why it's simulated. You could see it another way though: Your WXR has a 100% rate in detection all windshears you get
  17. Of course we will publish fixes as soon as we have them available. The Aerosoft Updater is a very good tool for that and in fact this is its main purpose. We are no big fans of holding back working files in favor of fixing more stuff to release one big service pack once a year like some other companys do.
  18. Yep, that's the same behaviour I saw on the real aircraft on one of the two engines.
  19. Looking at the chart for your particular arrival it seems to be a STAR, not a transition. Therefore it surprises me a bit that you say it appears under APPR VIA as that is normally where you find transitions and not STARs. That may be a database thing though, we have seen some cases where the Navigraph database listed some STARs as Transitions and the other way round.
  20. Hello, which steps did you follow to create this situation? You seem to be the first one to see this happening so we are quite sure you must have done something different than most customers do. if we can find out what exactly that is we might be able to isolate the problem.
  21. Alright, thanks, we'll have is checked out.
  22. No, they change the way the flight deck looks and our graphic artists put a lot of time and effort into getting those look right. So any changes done to the shaders will make them look less realistic. On the other hands side though, we certainly see the improvements a carefully tweaked shader can bring for the outside world. In the end it is a balance between looks and you will have to know what suits you best. What we can certainly not recommend, what many simmers seem to like though, are those shaders where everything gets just darker and many sets of colours get eliminated and just become white or black. That's definitely not in the sense of why we invest so much into careful modelling.
  23. Keep in mind that if you take off with some 1xx degree hot brakes then these brakes will warm up your gear bay. on modern jets those gear bays are sealed pretty well (ok, certainly not pretty well compared to the passenger cabin of course), so those 100 degree hot brakes will cause the gear bay to warm up quite significantly. Therefore do not expect tooooo much cooling in flight. Sure,y they will cool, but not as rapid as you may expect or as some other addons make you believe they do.
  24. A long time to respond can be absolutely normal. Even as long as you see it in our Airbus. When I did my first flight in a real jet the left engine stabilised at the intermideate power setting we use for runup already while the other hadn't even reacted at all yet and was still at IDLE. Things like this happen, that's why you set an intermittent thrust setting first at all and don't push them directly to TOGA. We will make them a bit more responsive for you guys though, it seems that simmers love their engines freshly out of maintenance
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