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  1. Did you fly American or United in the 777 when PMDG released theirs? We know almost everyone did, despite those airlines only have -200ER's. It's your personal choice if you want to wait, however the vast majority of flight simmers (including those die hard hardcore 12h holding near DXB guys) will in the end not care.
  2. You purchased access to the web client as well.
  3. No, we took several photos showing both, the open side window and the front window on the same picture. You clearly see a huge difference. Not just on the picture, but also sitting in the real plane and looking through it with your own eyes.
  4. What's the sense of it? All it controls is the volume of the ATC output, etc.
  5. Well, indeed they do, however by far not as much as you're showing. Indeed it is more of a subtle effect than any clearly visible reflection. Pictures can't capture this, you have to see it with your own eye.
  6. I say the same which I said ealier already. The difference between your photos and the screenshots is obvious. The white markings on the road are a little more reflective, but the concrete is not. The sun is right above the horizon in your pictures, so you get maximum reflectivity. And I see a huuuuge difference between the screenshot and your photos, even though in the screenshots the sun is even further up, meaning less reflections than if it was as far down as in the photos.
  7. Indeed, those are becoming paint in the a**. Close to all developers do them nowadays, but have you ever seen the sun reflect on a dry road, parking lot, etc. in this way? You haven't and you never will. Because it does not happen in real life.
  8. Hi, kaum eine Runway ist im echten Leben absolut gerade. Um nicht zu sagen eigentlich sind alle Runways krumm auf die eine oder andere Weise. Und an meine Aerosoft-Kollegen: Ja, auch schon bevor ich darauf gelandet bin!. Schick doch mal einen Screenshot, wie es bei dir aussieht.
  9. Hi Gero, in welchem Flieger denn? In der CRJ oder in der 748? In der 748 geht es über die ARPT Taste am EFIS control Panel. Dafür muss die Airport Database aktuell sein (siehe EFB manual) und es muss ein Flugplan im FMC executed sein. Dann wird für Departure und Arrival Airport eine entsprechende Anzeige geschaltet. Die CRJ kann kein Flughafendiagramm auf dem ND anzeigen, dort gibt es nur die Möglichkeiten über die Charts im EFB.
  10. While a full reinstall can never be wrong a client only update should do.
  11. Luckily in real life this isn't as much of a problem for airliners as it is in the military since we have all those lovely lights around in the airport which light everything up perfectly fine. Hey, we often don't even use the domelight on the ground since everything is lit up completly already by the airports flood lights. Unfortunately though Lockheed does not model the lights scattering from objects, so the dynamic lights in P3D are rather limited. I'm hoping Microsoft will address this in their new sim, but we'll have to see about it. There neither confirmation nor denial
  12. Hi, the problem here is that P3D doesn't make a difference between the aircraft being in the air or on the ground. We evaluated some possible solutions here in the past, however we could simply not make out something definitive which would work for everyone.
  13. Ich glaube Du verwechselst hier etwas. Die PMDG 747-8 hat eine moving Map auf dem ND, in der der gesamte Airport angezeigt wird. Diese wird aus dem AFCAD deiner Szenerie generiert und hat weder mit Navigraph, noch mit NavDataPro irgendetwas zu tun. Diese Map ist unabhängig von allen Navdaten, sondern basiert einzig auf dem AFCAD des Flughafens. Sie wird also sowohl mit Addonflughäfen, als auch mit default Flughäfen funktionieren. Die CRJ kann dir die Charts aus NavDataPro bzw. Navigraph anzeigen und kann dir dein Flugzeugsymbol über die Chart legen (das kann die PMDG 747 nicht!). Das sind zwei grundverschiedene Features, das eine ist Teil des Navigation Displays der 747, das andere ist ein Chartviewer mit Möglichkeit deine Flugzeugposition über diese Chart zu legen.
  14. It's right in your customer account where you downloaded the aircraft.
  15. This is an issue with the AFCAD or parts of the apron texture not showing correctly. If you look closely, what you see there is the apron and taxiways. Or at least parts of them. I keep seeing it from time to time at high definition sceneries when flying the FSL Airbus (never saw it with any other addon). Others where this happened to me include, in no specific orders, ORBX Edinburgh, FSDT Chicago and Aerosofts EGLL. Not quite sure how to solve it to be honest, when trying to recreate it I have never been able to. On my system these were all one time occurences.
  16. Guys really, some people seem to be pendantic about finding issues and claiming xyz is wrong because of some streams of a betacopy you saw. Gents, with all due respect, you haven't had the aircraft on your copy, the streamers all make mistakes with the SOP's and they, as well as you, are hobbyists. There are a lot of pilots with thousands of hours on our team helping us to get things right. We trust those people to tell us if they don't like something. If I read reports like "there are problems flying a straight line" I can only shake my head. All you have seem is a stream. You haven't even seen the aircraft for yourself on your own sim. Instead of wasting developers time with stuff like this, which could very well be caused by miscalibrated controls or by issues with the stream, etc. I suggest you all to just sit back, relax and wait for release. I'm not saying there are no issues, but the quality of "bugreports" here is so low, you're basically wasting the developers time which could very well be used to improve actual issues which we know about and which we have to fix. Hopefully before release and not in service packs. Followup comments like "I saw issue xyz in stream abc" will from now on be deleted. Repetition might lead to moderator action, in the worst case if somebody does not want to understand it might lead to posting restrictions or removal from the forums.
  17. Well better don't tell certain other developers.... it might very well happen at that price.
  18. Most certainly the operator thinks it's a Challenger 850: Keep in mind they are basically the same aircraft with just minor differences.
  19. These are not CRJ's, but Challenger 850's. Similar airframe but not the same aircraft.
  20. As always, focus is on the pilots perspective, not the passengers'.
  21. Please send an e-mail to, they will be able to help. The forum is not the right place to discuss account problems as some personal information might be needed to verify your identity, etc. which should never be posted in public.
  22. That's totally incorrect. It depends on the software version installed in the Airbus. Just like on the 320. Please get the facts correct before posting "have you seen on YouTube the real cockpit landing". You can safely assume when developing an addon a developer does know what the real aircraft does and what not.
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