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  1. Very nice video comparison. I am actually surprised how close it is. We're talking maybe a second in difference, that seems absolutely fine to me. Closer than many other addons, including study level ones!

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  2. 2 hours ago, Alessio75 said:

    Need I to leave the FD button on? In off position I don't have the birdie on PFD


    You'd leave the FD on as long as it gives good information. When it does not give you useful information (for instance if there's no runway waypoint in the FMC). Otherwise you'd leave them ON; unless you want to turn them off.

    If you *want* to turn the FD's off to practice raw data flying you can do so at all time when you want.


    The Bird is available with both FD ON and OFF. If you're flying an NPA it can be good practice to turn it on to monitor the flight path angle. It is not mandatory however, but simply good practice.


    22 hours ago, Goshob said:



    I fully agree with that, but let me ask a question:

    Can someone advice me how to program a switch on the joystick for disconnecting the AP using FSUIPC? I was trying different options with no success till moment.

    Thank you!



    I assigned FSUIPC to send a keyboard command and then use the default Z key for it. Please open your own topic and don't hijack others though.

  3. Ein Circling Approach ist ein Sichtflugmanöver (nicht zu verwechseln mit VFR Manöver, Du bleibst weiterhin IFR!). Du musst ihn also nicht komplett nach magenta Linie (oder grüner Linie im Airbus) fliegen.
    Ich würde einen Standart Anflug auf die 26 programmieren (LOC/DME oder RNAV) und den Circling dann nach Sicht fliegen. Dafür gibt es ja auch die CIrcling Chart.


  4. Just as a note here, the *target* fps set in the sim is not the same as the actual framerate. Just because it's set to unlimited you do not automatically get unlimited framerates.

    Make sure the *actual* framerate does not drop below 18, not even for just split seconds.

  5. I had this happen two or three times in my last 60 flights.

    It's being caused by an issue with the cruise altitude resetting to a lower level when pushing the ALT knob shortly before the T/D.

    There seems to be a condition, which I don't yet know which one it is, where it does not initiate DES phase, but rather resets the cruise level to a lower level.
    This drives the pressurization system haywire. I did not manage to work our a workaround yet.

  6. Ich kenne mich zwar mit X-Plane nicht aus, aber wenn es mit einer Cessna funktioniert und mit der 737 nicht, dann lässt mich das stark vermuten, dass Du mit den Rudder Pedals und nicht mit dem Tiller steuerst. In der 737 hast Du mit den Pedals 8° Nose Wheel Steering, mit dem Tiller 75°. Damit lässt sich der Flieger dann auch direkt auf der Stelle drehen. ;)


    In wie weit das im X-Plane umgesetzt ist, weiß ich nicht.

  7. Hi Michael,


    you can be sure they will be updated as soon as there's staff available to do so.

    Keep in mind most of the Aerosoft staff is working in home office at the moment so things will be a bit slower than normally.

    Anyway, if you want to be absolutely sure to reach the right people I'd suggest a support ticket where you can talk to the staff directly.

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  8. 29 minutes ago, alexisbalto said:



    Why Hans has the 330 on p3d v5 whereas I crash when i load the scenario with the 330 





    I don't get such a crash. There are plenty of reasons why it's not compatible yet, but a crash is not one of them. At least on my system.

  9. 28 minutes ago, AT69 said:

    Sorry, editing my post as i may have misread the initial one Viperlead - are you saying the aerosoft model noses down, or up at 50ft?


    I most certainly never saw a nose up moment in our A330.

    If at all then currently it has no flare logic active at all (wondering why since we have it in the smaller busses... we're discussing this at the moment).

  10. 5 hours ago, edakridge said:

    I own the older CRJ-700/900 (Not the pro). Is this in the pipeline for upgrade?



    No update is planned for the non pro version, sorry. Only the Pro version will be updated.


    3 minutes ago, nickhoffman2020 said:

    Any update on compatibility with the Aerosoft Airbus Professional A320 and A330. Tried installing them both from v4 and i got a Transfer Error ( P3DPATH ). Dont know if thats because its not working with v5 or i have to wait for a update. 


    It will take a bit longer than just a couple days until Aerosoft will be able to make a statement. Have some patience, until then you can still fly it in v4.


    1 hour ago, trejare said:

    the twin otter extended is compatible for V5 ?


    It has not been tested yet. Airbus and CRJ first, then we'll look into other addons. You're welcome to give it a go yourself and report back with your feedback.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, kolman said:



    The same problem seems to exist for LGSK SKIATHOS.

    The download page still lists "(29P_SKIATHOS_V1-5.zip - 20.11.2017 09:40:00 | 771 MB)"


    Best regards,



    And the same instruction applies to you.

  12. On 4/13/2020 at 5:06 PM, Denny Lillo said:

    Hi guys, I'm the founder of Plane Spotters Bari, in LIBD airport. If you need help for the project contact me!

    Hi, now that the developer got it I would really recommend to remove your personal email address from this public forums. Anybody can see it, even people with evil minds.

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  13. Die 112.60 kannst Du auf der RAD NAV Seite einstellen. Allerdings ist das eine VOR Frequenz, da wirst Du garantiert kein Center drauf erreichen.

    Einige Flughäfen haben allerdings eine D-ATIS; also eine ATIS, welche über ein VOR abgespielt wird.

    Falls das hier der Fall ist, kann Du mit der 112.60 in NAV1 oder NAV2 und dann dem entsprechenden Setting am ACP diese ATIS in Empfangsreichweite des VOR's abhören.


    Da wir allerdings von einem VOR reden, wirst Du darauf niemals senden können, Du kannst dort nur mithören.

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  14. 57 minutes ago, Overmind0673 said:

    i team @ Aerosoft.


    Since in Lockdown, i have been thinking a lot about it and wanted to suggest the idea if it takes traction of course.

    I have been purchasing your products and i must admit, they are formidable products, at least a champion for creating Airbus Planes.

    Most of North Americans are concentrating their efforts on creating Boeing aircrafts for flight simulation community. I and perhaps others thank you for allowing us to fly European birds.

    Your portfolio is good and we wish to have new joiners in the family. This lead me to ask this question and maybe others have already done that.

    What is the overall cost of New developpement for a new plane? man/hours.

    Given the fact that most simmers would like to have new planes. What is the amount of commitment you want to get from potential buyers to start a project?

    For example: conducting an online survey to know which products can attract sufficient interested persons, and invest a reasonable amount of money so you can start working on that project. Knowing that at the end of the cycle, the product will sell well among simmers from mouth to ears?

    Take this as a Groupon style influence buying.

    My Idea is: A340-300, since A350( maybe the available data does make it easy to model it as much as you would like)


    Thanks and stay safe.




    Not going into details, but the cost of development of an Aircraft like an Airbus can easily add up to about a million Euros. Not only because of the manhours required, but also licensing cost, cost to geather all the information needed, the marketing and distribution, after sales support (which is huge with modern airliners compared to for instance a Cessna), etc.

    You can therefore calculate how expensive such an addon would have to be and how many you'd have to sell to start making money on it.


    For an A350 compared to an A340 you can easily double that cost.

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  15. I have the same problem with the table of the A330 and FS2Crew. Been in contact with Bryan for weeks now about it. He always said there were no other customers having the same issue. Maybe there weren't until now but since you also have it I invite you also to open a supportticket at FS2Crew about it: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/pages/Contact-Us.html


    Maybe he can figure it out if there are more people than just me encountering the issue.


    RAAS is unrelated, only FS2Crew's airline crew simulation causes the problem.

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