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  1. Hi Achim, schau dir mal die Registrierungen der "AB" 737 an. Kann es sein, dass es sich dabei um TUIFly flieger handelt? TUI hatte ja etwa 10 737 im Wetlease mit airberlin betrieben, die auch in AB Farben angemalt waren. Diese fliegen zum Teil heute noch in AB Farben, nur jetzt meistens für EW. Ps.: Die "Einstufung" als Ramp-Agent basiert ausschließlich auf der Zahl der Posts hier im Forum. Da Du erst 3 Posts hast, wirst Du eben ganz am Anfang eingestuft. Mit der Anzahl der Posts ändert sich das dann auf PPL Student - Groundschool, First Solo, etc. bis him zum Airlinepilot.
  2. The speeds flown by the NGX vary with cost index. PFPX does not support climb profiles based on CI, therefore general schedules are available. In my airline the speeds used by PFPX would even be a bit high as usually we climb at about 250/270/.77 resulting from the CI we use. Note however that climbs speeds resultant from the CI vary a LOT depending on the wind - this is not simulated by PMDG at all. In the PMDG the wind has no influence on the CI resultant speeds.
  3. Indeed you can and you did. We told you how to get assistance, did we not? If you buy with a reseller the supplychain for files is always the same: We provide the files to the distributor, they provide them to you. And we can assure you we provided them to the other shops the very moment they became available. What the shops do with this is their part, however I am sure a quick email to simmarket would solve this matter for you. We simply have no control over what they offer in their shop.
  4. In real life, at least in my airline, either pilot can do "it all". The PF sets up plane and the only time the PM touches systems is when the aircraft is in the air. Since roles are usually switched between each flight this means that on one flight the captain will do it all and on the next the FO does. Therefore there is no "right or wrong" here, it all depends on the airline and their SOP. The copilot in our Airbus is intended more as an aid for people who want to focus purely on the flying part rather than showing a fully realistic airline SOP. With that in mind however it is indeed based on one airlines SOP but then has been adapted for flight simulation use. If you want a "more realistic" airline crew simulation you can always look into purchasing FS2Crew who provide a very close crew simulation based on Airbusses own standart operating procedures. We would love to, indeed the lack of a second crewmember in the flightdeck is one of the biggest "issues" in visual depiction in the simulation. We have very nice cockpits, good cloud textures and high resolution ground textures, for some countries even complete photoreal coverage and high end airports which are often even more detailed than those used in full flight simulators for pilot training. However all flights, regardless of how detailed we aim to plan, etc. are illegal simply due to the second crew member missing. The reason why there is no visual pilot modelled is an easy one though: Cockpits are "easy" (sorry Stefan) to model as they are man-made and not "natural" objects. They have clearly defined shapes and clear materials. On the other hands side it is very hard to actually include people in the flightdeck and make them look "realistic". Our eyes and brain are very good at seeing the difference between a real human and a computer model. Creating a human model which would be seen as "natural" and "real" is simply impossible within the scope of our flight simulators. Even dedicated programs used by professionals have huge difficulties to create a "believable" model. In the end it almost always is very easy to tell the difference.
  5. Looks nice, one of the few recent rebrands which I actually start to like.
  6. Hi, which error do you get exactly? Could you post a screenshot of the error? (Please do NOT post any screenshot with your license information visible! Make sure the key, etc. is not visible on the screenshot!)
  7. Hi Naif, you seem to not have programmed the rest of your MCDU correctly. For example there is still no landing runway in and probably other data is missing, too. Could you try the tutorial flight and tell us if the issue still happens in there?
  8. Hi Mark, EDDK works fine in v4.4.
  9. I believe there is a warning implemented by now which alerts you if you want to buy a product again that you own already. Not exactly what you're asking for but it goes into the direction.
  10. Hi, it's been a long time since this system was implemented, but if I'm not totally mistaken there was a 2D MCDU option implemented to disable these. They're optional on the real plane and indeed not many airlines have them. Mostly those who regularly fly to airports with many different angles of descend on final approach have them to give pilots a better ability to get the mental picture just before touchdown on steeper glide slopes.
  11. The advantage is on the fly by wire side of things. There is no Boeing with a fly by wire like the Airbus has one. P3D itself does not simulate proper flight computers like they are needed for the Airbus. Therefore the only solution (unless you want to get really fps intensive like some other planes) is to calculate computers reading the data on a frame by frame basis from the simulator.
  12. Kannst Du davon einmal Screenshots posten falls es dir nochmal passiert?
  13. Hi Lars, nur weil Du den alten Airbus viel geflogen bist kennst Du den neuen noch nicht in und auswendig Was für FMA's hattest Du in der Situation denn und ist das im Autopilot oder manuellen Flug passiert?
  14. And is that constant 32fps? No small drops, not even for half a second?
  15. Hello George, there is no such thing as a LIDO format. Airlines using the LIDO services create their own flight plan formats which LIDO then processes and exports. Several OFP formats are available for download in our downloads section.
  16. As the box is still around the FMA is shows that you just entered SPEED mode. Which mode was it in previously? TOGA LK maybe?
  17. Wenn ich mir die verfügbaren Prozuduren in Dortmund so anschaue gibt es leider nichts "vernünftiges". Nur die STARs, welche zum Dortmund VOR gehen und von da dann die Procedural Approaches. Real bin ich in Dortmund allerdings jedes Mal vektoriert worden. Egal ob in der PA32 oder im Jet.
  18. Maybe in 10 years when there is sufficient information available on the plane, at this moment it's unlikely (not to say impossible) to get the required data.
  19. Hi, there is one available in the flysimware forums. It's for their Falcon, not for the Carenado, but I would expect them to be somewhat similar.
  20. We are doing the standard A330-300, not the Enhanced. None of the airlines we referenced during our research had the airport map installed in their aircraft.
  21. Hi David, I have UKFV deselected, too. Here's my routing in full: Edit:These were my settings in use:
  22. Hi, no such problem on my side, this is what I get: Might be a thing of your AIRAC, RAD, etc.? Which data do you use?
  23. Alright, I see the same happening now, it will be looked into for a future update. Thank you for the report.
  24. In which menu exactly do you do this setting? I never noticed an issue here yet so some further details how to recreate it (exact steps please) would be apprechiated.
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