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  1. Die ISA definiert auf Meereshöhe eine Temperatur von 15° und eine Abnahme von 2°C pro 1000ft (nicht m!).

    Die ISA DEV ist die Abweichung von ISA. In den meisten Flugplanlayouts wird die ISA DEV am TOC irgendwo auf den ersten Seiten zu finden sein.

    Du kannst sie aber natürlich auch manuell ausrechnen.

    FL280 würde eine abnahme von 56° gegenüber dem Boden unter ISA Bedingungen bedeuten.

    Also 15°C-56°C. Die ISA Temperatur wäre also -41°C.

    Dein FMC will jetzt die ISA Deviation, also die Abweichung der realen Temperatur von der ISA Temperatur auf deinem FL haben.


    Dein Wind Data Block sagt Du hast -43° in FL280. Die ISA Temperatur wäre -41°. Es ist also 2 Grad kälter als in der ISA. Also ist die ISA DEV -2.

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  2. Hi Oliver,


    the apron layout of Frankfurt around the V12x stands is incorrect.

    The coloured lines are missing and the N3 taxiway signs read N5 instead of N3.


    As I'm recently controling Frankfurt on VATSIM I have already seen a lot of pilots getting confused over the wrong N3/N5 signage and all of the Regional Group Frankfurt would highly apprechiate this to be updated.

    As the productpage advertises "Original taxiway signs as well as new taxiways" I would expect those taxiways to be modelled since they existed two years before the product was released.

    Below is a screenshot from a May 2017 satelite picture of the affected area, compared to one of Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional:






    Finally a question on the C gates: Why does the terminal behind the C gates have such a bad resolution, both at daylight and especially during night time, while the A and B gates have a rather good resolution? Have a look especially at those windows, but also the general front of the terminal.
    Are they 1:1 portovers of the original FS2004 scenery?






  3. Why should it be closed for landing?

    In fact at the moment 07C/25C is the only open runway at EDDF.


    Outside of Corona times the center runway is also used for landings to shorten taxi times when the traffic flow allows. Especially on 25 swingover are often flown from the ILS25L to a visual 25C.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Adam Chivers said:

    Thanks, does the aerosoft a320 work well with fsx atc? Ive been desperate to try it out just haven't got round to it


    Never tried it with FSX ATC, I either provide my own ATC or fly online.

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Adam Chivers said:

    So are you saying glide slope cant be captured until the localiser is?





    33 minutes ago, Adam Chivers said:

    Whilst we are here, how do you determine which altitude to put in at top of descent? I usually aim for *2500 on the mcdu or whatever rounded figure waypoint is just before the runway. I don't think that is correct procedure is it?


    I insert whatever level ATC clears me for. All I do is to request descent, which level I get cleared to is up to ATC.

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  6. On 5/11/2020 at 8:52 AM, Manfred Tamminga said:

    This is the dark view I get in the A330 VC cockpit without using any shader or stuff like that! Additionally I didn´t change any light settings in P3Dv4.5. Its just the dark thing after installing. 



    Your whole simulator looks like you're wearing very, very strong sunglasses. The Airbus just fits into the image, doesn't it?


    Go outside, climb up a tower, a hill or something and have a look across the landscape. Is it as dark as your sim? It most certainly isn't.

    So no surprise the Airbus is much darker than it should be as well if your whole simulator is.

  7. 55 minutes ago, Adam Chivers said:

    Thanks for the advice, good to learn something new about papi lights. I cant remember what was on the fma, but ap was disengaged by myself to fly the approach manually. LS was still on so I imagine the attitude indicator was telling me to pitch up to find the glide slope. Next time I will take a screenshot, but all was normal just disengaged the AP early thinking it wouldnt find the glide slope as it was just after the final turn. Is there a way you can capture the glide slope before final turn? As far as I know if you hit approach facing away from the runway the Localiser is wrong way round and plane will go all over the place. Its as if when on final turn you have to be spot on other wise g/s will slip away by the time you turn into an acceptable localiser angle 


    The A320 series does not have a localizer backcourse feature, you can hit the APPR button at angles greater than 90° as well. However it will not capture the glideslope before you have localizer capture. So there'd be no use doing so.


    The FMA reading is vital, the FMA is the way the aircraft communicates with you. Just because you selected something on the FCU it would by far not automatically be doing that. You need to check it's doing what it's supposed to do. As an example you might have hit Approach at a wrong point in time and it did arm, but not engage. The FMA will tell you. The FCU won't.

    Never ever rely on the automation doing something which you have not 100% confirmed it is actually doing. The moment you fail to check the automation is the moment where the aircraft flies you and not the other way round.

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  8. On 5/11/2020 at 1:48 PM, Adam Chivers said:

    For example, in my last flight, the papi lights were all white, yet the plane was telling me to pitch up


    I found that in most sceneries the PAPI does actually not give you proper information in P3Dv4. Addon airports as well as default.
    In real life, at least in our 737, we often get three reds on short final which is due to the PAPI being calibrated for the eye height of the largest aircraft normally using the airport.

    The glideslope is also not positioned correctly relative to the aiming point in most addon sceneries.


    What was the FMA when the plane told you to pitch up? Best would always be if you included screenshots of such situations.


    Generally both pitch and thrust need to be stable. ANY aircraft can be flown by pitch and power setting. Set a certain thrust (in the small Airbusses that's normally Gross Weight-4 = N1) and a certain pitch attitude and the airplane will fly a certain speed and descent angle once stabilized.


    If you use Autothrust or not is an airline philosophy. Boeing and Airbus say no. Then you have crashes like the MAX crashes where the pilots simply forgot the thrust at TOGA until impact.

    Most airlines here in Europe have the philosophy to either turn both (AP and AT) on or off at the same time.

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  9. 1 hour ago, PatrickZ said:


    I agree on that, the lack of an A330-200 is the reason I haven't bought the A330 so far. To me the A330-200 is just as much A330 as the 300, they both need to be included in the package to call it a complete package. I'm not buying a package that isn't complete.


    Your choice, free market, free decicions.

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  10. There will not be an FSX version of the A330, sorry.

    Write to support@aerosoft.com, maybe they can do something for you. Here in the forums it will not be possible to help you.

  11. 24/06 is almost never used for takeoffs unless crosswind on the main runway approaches operational limitations.

    I believe in a year and a half based at CGN I used it maybe 3 or 4 times. Each of them during major storms only.


    Landing is a different story of course, we use 24 regularly for landing. 06 not that much, but it's also used.

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Hoffie3000 said:

    In all your screenshots regarding EDDF Approach I see you have not activated the LS-Button. 

    Try it next time and RNAV will work 🙂

    You will see in the left down corner of the MFD the regarding data for the Rwy.






    The LS button is only for Precision approaches, for NPA's please DO NOT push it as it will block the NPA indications from the PFD and overwrite them with an empty ILS scale.

  13. You should probably have informed yourself before the purchase what LIDO charts are. They are airline charts. Used by Lufthansa, etc.

    You won't get a refund because it was never advertised that cat A/B aircraft are included.

    Lufthansa Systems even lists all of this on their own tutorials on youtube:


  14. 3 hours ago, mustangcoyote said:


    Maybe its a new simulator. But then I wonder, why there are so many airports and small aircrafts for v5 already available in the Aerosoft online shop and from other providers. But as you said, I have no idea about software development...


    Because airports have no systems. And small aircraft don't have complex systems. Especially Carenado, Alabeo, etc. are just default system with nicer looks.


    51 minutes ago, mustangcoyote said:


    And by the way, Mr. Hagen, you might have a great idea of software development. But the way you are dealing with an unsatisfied customer is definitely not state of the art and puts the company, you are representing in that moment, in a bad light.


    I'm not an Aerosoft employee. Only a volunteering pilot, trying to help the flight sim community.

    I wrote my post in the same stlye you wrote yours. Try to reflect on it. As we say in Germany. "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es aus diesem hinaus".

    If you want a nice answer I suggest you to write in a nice tone next time.

    How do you believe those people who invest 10+ hours every day into getting things compatible feel if they read post like your "I can't believe......., It is obligatory........"?

    Write in a nice tone and I'll answer in one. Write like an ass and I'll be an ass.

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  15. 4 minutes ago, mustangcoyote said:


    You are absolutely right. But I can express the feelings of a customer and that should count.


    Should count as what? Shall we release an unfinished product which keeps crashing? I bet *then* you would express quite some different feelings.
    As it has been said a thousand times: P3Dv5 is not simply an updated v4.

    It's a new simulator with significant changes.
    If you are able to convert any product to the new sim within a matter of days Aerosoft will gladly hire you. You would probably become the lead developer in a matter of days.


    Now look at other complex aircraft addons. Tell me a single complex airliner which is fully compatible already.
    PMDG? No

    FSL? Nope
    Leonardo? Njet

    Now take a guess why.


    Of course Aerosoft can hire some extra developers to speed up development. Can I send that 50.000€ bill to your E-Mail address?

    There's a saying in software development: You want good, fast and cheap? Pick two.

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  16. 5 minutes ago, mustangcoyote said:

    I can't believe how long it takes to make the Airbus aircrafts compatible with P3D v5. I also can't understand why Aerosoft publishes an update for the A318/319 on the 29th of April while people are waiting for the v5-compatibility since more than 2 weeks.


    It is the obligatory job of Aerosoft to react to software updates quickly and not a favour to its customers. We paid money for the aircrafts (by the way, according to the misleading Aerosoft description, A330 is compatible with 4.5+, which theoeretically includes v5) and I am really disappointed that I can't fly since more than 2 weeks. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives on the market, otherwise Aerosoft would have lost a lot of customers.


    You, my friend, have no idea about software development.

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