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  1. It's been discussed a thousand times and the answer remains the same as before
  2. Believe me, there is no way to make a product safe from hacking it. We all saw what happened to FSL who really invested into anti piracy systems and even those with really tight systems like PMDG, Leonardo, etc. still end up on the known piracy sites. It might take a week or two longer, but it's not a question "if" it will be pirated, but "when". Therefore we don't see the logic in investing thousands upon thousands of euros into such a system, which in the end also means a pain for a genuine user if a false positive occures. We rather accept that piracy can never be 100% prevented and make life easy for the genuine customer than to overdo it with a system which in the end isn't failsafe either.
  3. I'm not 100% current on what the PMDG issue is, however I recall there was something with the login. That is not a problem in the CRJ since we open the login window in the browser instead of an in-sim popup. That should avoid the blank login window. I asked among the testers if someone uses reshade and could run a test with the charts. Sorry, wrong preview. Thought this was the CRJ preview.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean here, could you elaborate a little?
  5. And what did you find unrealistic? You need to be a bit more precise you if want something improved.
  6. A 200 has quite a different cockpit and systems, thus it's more than unlikely.
  7. No, why should it? So many people have so many good memories of that airline, how could we possibly kick it out? Liveries on the -700 and -900 will not be changed on the Professional version. Only the new -550 and -1000 will be added.
  8. One shot from me as well which focusses on one new feature I was surprised to find: Curved displays!
  9. A shorter walk than Lufthansa passengers at my homebase for sure
  10. In my airline there are no gates included in the navdata at all. We don't use them.
  11. Hi Rich, could the station maybe only be coded as a DME in your simulator without a VOR part? That's why you might get just the DME indication without the needle. Edit: I just checked an enroute chart. Dean Cross (DCS) is indeed only a DME and not a VOR. Thus you can not get a needle. What you see therefore is totally normal.
  12. So far no decision has been made. You can expect one to be made after the initial release when first customer feedback is recieved and we can make up a picture how the A330 is recieved and what additional work the community might want. I recall it being supported, however don't quote me on that.
  13. Why not? Just update it. It might or might not work in 4.0 but we can't give any support for it.
  14. The designator is changed but all the painting and signs at the real airport still have the old layout. No money to repaint everything Ps.: No, this is not a joke. That's exactly the case at the real airport.
  15. No... you simply wouldn't notice. First of all because there is no serious performance prediction available for any FS aircraft which would come even close to the in sim performance. Secondly you'd need a correct piloting technique for actually making those performance predictions. Which using those joysticks currently on the market is close to impossible. Last you'd need correct influence of winds, tempratures, pressure levels, etc. which simply don't exist in the sims very simplyfied weather models.
  16. Of course you can get through the flight. The Step by Step tutorial tells you exactly how, including activation of Alpha Floor.
  17. Just to make it clear: There will be no subscriptions of any kind included!
  18. This is absolutely not about being able to view certain websites. We couldn't care less what you view. The question is more: Does it makes sense to simulate internet access while surfing the webs is clearly forbidden for pilots? So why simulate simthing if it's not done anyway. Or if we do it: What comes next? The netflix abo included in the product?
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