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  1. The video is not loading here, I only get a black screen. However once you select the new runway you should get back to the VIAS page as well. Have you tried the arrow buttons?
  2. A couple of procedural errors here in your procedures: First of all: ALWAYS update the cruise altitude if ATC changes it! Secondly: Selectnig new destination is totally wrong here. Simply select the new arrival, that's all you need to do.
  3. Hi, wenn der Waypoint in der Route ist: Einfach aus der LEGS Page kopieren und dann auf der LEGS 1/1 ganz oben einfügen. Wenn er nicht in der Route ist: Waypoint ins Scratchpad schreiben und auf der 1L der LEGS Page 1/1 einfügen. Danach musst Du natürlich die Route noch entsprechend weiter bearbeiten, so dass Du wieder eine logische Route im FMC hast, sprich Du solltest ATC fragen, wo Du nach dem Waypoint weiter hinfliegen sollst.
  4. Hi, welche Addons denn? Wenn es sich um Szenerien handelt schau mal in der Szenerie Bibliothek. Grade aus den Anfangszeit nach dem P3Dv4 Release sind viele Szenerien direkt konvertiert worden und nicht auf die andere Ordnerstruktur angepasst worden.
  5. Not sure about others but I would certainly be fired if I do I don't think it is a good idea to model realistic procedures here, it would give away too much. It's easy enough for people with bad intentions to find information on the cockpit door etc already. No need to tell them about the next barriers as well. With this in mind I am glad that most developers actually simulate the door mechanisms incorrectly by the way.
  6. Emanuel Hagen

    Mode C

    Don't confuse the transponder with the TCAS. The latter modes you mentioned are all TCAS modes and have nothing to do with your transponder.
  7. I'm afraid this data is not available externally of the sim. I would not know of any method to get it into a text file.
  8. Emanuel Hagen

    Mode C

    Hi Aaron, check your pilot client for it. The Transponder in VATSIM is unfortunately not reading the P3D variables for the transponder mode, but only for the squawk. The transponder mode itself has to be set in the pilot client.
  9. If you have the possibility please also post a video of the whole approach from about 5NM out until rollout.
  10. Ever since I'm flying the line now (about one year) I've done exactly four full thrust takeoffs, one of them even a no engine bleed takeoff. Three in possible windshear conditions and the last one was climb limited due to terrain proximity and the aircraft being almost at MTOW. With modern jets you barely need full thrust. Maybe in hot and high conditions at places like Quito as you said. Apart from that we normally use a combination of the highest fixed derate plus some assumed temprature in my airline. There is some misconception amongst simmers regarding heavy aircraft. You do not necessarily feel it being heavy. Mostly it's quite the opposite indeed! Most heavys nowadays, like the 777, are operated far below their maximum weights. A route like Frankfurt-New York is a short flight for a 777. It could fly twice as long easily. With this in mind on most flights in heavys you're quite overpowered and the aircraft would climb like a rocket without derates. This "heavy feeling" most simmers want, especially in the flight controls, is just some expectations. If you have a large aircraft you'll build in large flight controls to make it controlable nicely.
  11. Think of the environment, why on earth do you need to print this stuff on a real printer? It's bad enough already this stuff gets printed (only to be thrown away) in real life ever so often. My airline did for a good reason not even install a printer in our aircraft, but does it all electronically over the EFB.
  12. Wie du wünscht. Eines sei aber noch gesagt: Du kannst so viele Pay Softwares kaufen, wie Du möchtest: Wenn der Sim falsch eingestellt ist, bringt dir das alles nichts. Und diese sind auch garantiert nicht notwendig, um die Köln Szenerie nutzen zu können.
  13. -484 and 2.4g... that doesn't seem right. Are you sure there's nothing wrong with your sim itself?
  14. .....then it will still not work with high settings and all these addons together. Unless you spent more for your computer than I spent for my ATPL.
  15. Well okay indeed, as long as no passengers are onboard you can leave it open. You can also take 5 pilots, give 'em a trolley and make them run up the aisle during takeoff on circuit training though Whoever wins and gets up fastest can fly the next circuits. We aim to model normal operations however so in our case the ambient soundset will match what you see: A closed door.
  16. Are you flying online and do you have a Carenado addon installed? If the pilot client calls a Carenado model as AI model it will trigger Carenados copyright protection which in return kills your engine. Can happen with any aircraft you're currently flying, no matter which one.
  17. No info for the time being. If a product is announced early people in the end will always complain its late.
  18. Honestly, what kind of an answer did you expect? I told you why it's not possible in our Airbus, I also made a reference to some older discussions about some technical details about our addon which explained in detail why something is the way it is. Then you tell me it works in an addon of a totally different aircraft by a totally different developer. With all due respect, what kind of an answer did you expect? If the unavailability of 16x time acceleration means this addon is not for you then it's a pity but we'll have to live with it.
  19. You two might want to read up on how exactly the weather radar works. WXR OFF is a very normal message if you do not turn the system on.
  20. Sorry to say but that simply won't happen. We explained the relation between the flight computers and framerates often enough and while it may be possible to modify them for stable 4x under most cruise conditions 16x is out of question unless your sim runs at 100fps+.
  21. For me it also does it at 8x and even at 4x. I found that using Autocruise set to 8x will at best give you a lengh of about 4h for an 8h flight, so realistically it only comes at some 2x constantly because it keeps switching whenever the aircraft gets slightly offtrack. I'm not too sure if a jump ahead feature would make a lot of sense, we are really not big fans of this particular feature even though I absolutely love the QW787!
  22. 16x time acceleration will not be supported, sorry. That's far to much for the computers to handle, unless your sim runs at 100+ fps. I am for the matter of fact not aware of any single airliner addon which would properly support even 8x time acceleration. Maybe when flying a straight line but as soon as you enter even the modest turn they all run into severe trouble.
  23. I like Active Sky as well, it is the best weather engine currently available. However due to its complexity it does simply not inject everything into the simulator. Unfortunately many things are only injected when you actually enter them. There's nothing we can do about this, only the Active Sky developers could work on this. You could also try the REX weather engine coming with REX Sky Force if you own that product. From a real life perspective however I have to say there simply is no realistic weather addon available for any flight simulator. I have simply never seen any pattern on any radar which looked even remotely as in real life. What I usually notice is that most weather addons are tuned for great visuals, which leads to a hopeless overdepiction of weather in the sim. Weathercells are much stronger than they are in real life and there are far to many of them. Most certainly with Active Sky but also with all other weather addons I tried so far. The best in terms of realism of the weather systems so far was FSGRW however they focus more on the weather systems than on the visuals (which aren't bad either if you're using addon textures like REX). Just to be sure though: "best" still has to be seen as very modest compared with the real world.
  24. He has everything set to AUTO, you can see that by the radar indication on the lower right of the ND. If he would be using manual gain or tilt it would be shown on the display.
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