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  1. You have no vertical mode. The FMA is just blank. Most certainly you forgot some entry during your preflight setup. Please make sure that at any time a vertical mode is engaged. If the field is just blank you need to press or pull the ALT knob or engage V/S. Never forget the golden rules of flying an Airbus: One of them clearly states you always need to know your FMA!
  2. Why do you press PEDAL DISC here? This button will only disconnect the pedals from your steering for the flight control check.
  3. Hi, does the same issue happen on the tutorial flight?
  4. Hi Tom, does it work if you use FSUIPCs "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" function instead of the axis throttle 3 set function?
  5. Any chance for a video of a situation like this? I am unable to recreate it on my rig and it seems to affect only a relatively small number of users for the moment. Mabye you do something different than we do here which causes the issue. Are you absolutely sure all required information is entered on all FMGS pages? Does the same issue happen for you during the tutorial flight? What happens if you fly without weather?
  6. Hi Bob, the plan mode works fine on my system, does anybody else see this issue? For the Flaps thing, how are they assigned? Do you use the default P3D assignment or FSUIPC or another software?
  7. Hi Joona, what exactly happens when you try to insert MAY after HOLLY? Does it give you any message or what happens?
  8. Is there any altitude restriction entered for CUMBO on the GOSAM1D? Looking at the chart I can see a 6000ft restriction at 30D GOW and then it says to expect CUMBO above FL100, but then again GOSAM at 6000ft. This could potentially confuse the aircraft as it would have to climb and then descend again. It would not surprise me if the real one did the same here due to the potantielly conflicting information on this SID.
  9. The OPT level is dependant on many parameters, if you did a short flight for example it might offer a lower altitude which would result in less fuel burn. That's why I asked for the full information you entered during pre flight as there are really lots of variables involved here.
  10. Hi Matthias, on top of what Stefan said, even after the new tables are implemented please do NOT expect our Airbus to look exactly like the one you flew on last time. Airbus offers different angles for the same flap settings across the different fleets (an A319 1+F WILL be different from an A320 1+F!), but even within the fleets. This caused us quite some pain in the a** when we initially programed the flaps and this is why you will keep seeing differences.
  11. Hi Mark, could you tell us some routes in which this happened to you and show us some screenshots? What is the FMA reading in such situations?
  12. It should activate automatically when passing the DECEL point, not at a specific distance (even though the DECEL point usually can be found around 15NM).
  13. Hi, could you tell us the exact information you entered during your preflight setup so that we can try to recreate this issue? So far we did never encounter significantly incorrect OPT ALT predictions.
  14. Hello, could we get some screenshots of such situations? What is your gross weight, weather and density altitude and which FMAs are active in this situation?
  15. Are you using the new "Realtrim Professional" addon recently released by another company? Our Airbus has not been tested with it and we certainly see how a program which alters the default P3D trimming might cause such erratic behaviour as you describe. Best will be not to use it together with the Airbus until the developer of Realtrim Professional provides a solution for the interference with other addons.
  16. Because it takes a lot development time and developers also need to pay their bills.
  17. Are you sure you entered the correct wind forecast for the descend? If no wind is entered the aircraft assumes a calm wind condition so having a tailwind will force you into a high energy situation.
  18. Hi, you might be running out of graphic memory, are you sure your card has the required memory?
  19. Hi Jesper, I do not think this is possible at present. Why would you want to change it in flight?
  20. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  21. Hello, please check this: Please report in there in case it does not solve your problem.
  22. Unfortunately not in the A320 series, but a different jet airliner. My company does not have a tiller on the right seat, so I can only judge from the feeling in the air and when steering with the pedals on the runway. I do not think our Airbus is too sporty. However what I think is that if you use a 0815 joystick with close to no resistance when moving the stick, then it gets easy to overcontrol. Real aircraft have a really large force required on the stick. So making even a tiny movement in a real airplane requires a lot more force than making a full deflection on the average joystick.
  23. Hi, this really varies even between the real aircraft of the same series. Some handle easier, others harsher. Just like two cars of the same model will drive a bit different. An an older one will certainly react much different than a new one.
  24. Any chance that those of you who get this can create a video? If we can replay this event we might be able to pause at the point where the ECAM message is shown. Knowing which ECAM message you get will be crucial to solve this.
  25. Hi Nils, try to run P3D as Administrator, due to your installation location it might need administrator rights to be able to generate the required files.
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