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  1. Hi Aharon,


    FSDG is a different company than Aerosoft. They're business partners and Aerosoft does part of the publishing for FSDG, but Aerosoft does not own FSDG, nor are they a subsidary.


    If you bought the scenery at Aerosoft you can get support from support@aerosoft.com or alternatively directly from FSDG, if you bought at FSDG you'll get it from FSDG only.

  2. 7 hours ago, pegasus said:


    Sorry, but no. A pilot doesn't choose if he would like to deice with engine running or not. He gets told by the airport deicing company if deicing is done on the stand prior pushback or after pushback at a remote stand etc. 
    A decision whether or not an aircraft needs to be deiced is done by the commander, where he will also decide which parts of the aircraft he wants deiced/anti-iced. Whenever an aircraft is deiced the full procedure regarding Packs/Bleeds/Ditching Pb is performed. The RAM Air switch is never touched in this case.

    The deicing supervisor is responsible for the correct treatment and after the process he confirms to the pilot that the aircraft has been deiced correctly and cleared completely by contaminants and will let the pilots know about the start time of the deice/anti-ice procedure. That time is then taken by the pilots to determine the maximum holdover time according to the fluid/concetration/prevailing conditions. 

    So the pilots will not normally check the wings after the deicing process, again that is being reported to him by the deicing company supervisor who is responsible for the correct deicing of the aircraft.


    Dave, this post is 100% true. This is exactly how it works.

  3. 2 hours ago, pegasus said:

    So what chance does a customer have against such comments? 

    That is what I am criticising. 


    Well, I do not second any comments like "he's a pilot, he must be right". Nor would I make them myself.

    Bob wouldn't make those either.

    Deputy is just a badge the username of the users posting is shown above that, above the profile pic. Bob (Masterhawk) is not the same person as Dave (DaveCT2003).


    What a customer can do is easy: Provide proof of his point of view. Like an FCOM section as posted by Bob, etc.

  4. 33 minutes ago, pegasus said:


    Sure. I don't know how often I see these replies from Aerosoft when a customer voices a problem with an addon. First reaction is "we have 10 real world pilots and they say our aircraft is behaving correctly". So you my dear customer are wrong because you are not a real world pilot. I have seen this reply with regards to the AS CRJ and not too long ago about theAS  A330 roll rate issue.


    And it is a matter of fact that real world pilots usually know better than hobbyists.

    This is especially true when it comes to technical details. Simmer xyz might have seen something else in another addon. Fine, they probably used other manuals or either product might have a bug.

    Let's see it from this side: Somebody like you, a username we have never seen, just 15 posts in our forums, not even a name included, posts something technical which he claims is right.
    Do we have any source to validate your statements? No.

    So we ask our pilots what they think. If none is available at that time we look into the books we have.

    If neither confirms your statement we simply have to turn it down unless you can provide a proof yourself.
    That's the way it works.

    Do you know we recieved a hundret bug reports that the course selector would be missing on the FCU from people with the same outside appeoarance in your forums as you have?

    Do you know how many 12 year old 747 captains we deal with who are absolutely right and never did any mistakes?


    Of course a type rated pilot may also be mistaken. I can be mistaken. In fact I was mistaken on this one.

    Yet my answer represented the statement of the pilot I talked to before posting it. So what, proof that I'm wrong and we're looking into it again.

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  5. 7 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:


    Engine Running De/Anti-Icing
    Engine running de/anti-icing is authorized at remote locations as noted on the
    specific Delta Special Pages (Green Pages). At all other stations, engine running
    de/anti-icing is not authorized. The Deicing Coordinator at the remote location
    is the final authority in deciding if engine running de/anti-icing will be

    An operative APU is not required for engine running de/anti-icing. During remote
    de/anti-icing operations at these locations, a Ground Power Unit and air start
    equipment will be staged at or near the remote locations. If engines need to be shut
    down at remote locations, immediately notify the remote pad coordinator. Ground
    equipment will be immediately dispatched to the aircraft to facilitate the recovery.


    During light freezing rain or moderate freezing drizzle, engine running
    de/anti-icing at the remote locations without an operating APU is not allowed
    because the engines may need to be shut down to inspect the wings during


    There is more... but...




    Okay, but I don't see how that would contradict my statement...

  6. 2 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    And if AI traffic is indeed as Microsoft said and exact replica of what is happening at the same time at the real airport, don't you think that is many times better than what we now use? ATC has not been shown yet but I got the feeling it could be very good because I happen to know who are working on it. That is some very serious development. 


    If it's a replica or real traffic, does that mean you'll never ever find a spot in LHR during the peak hours? ;)

  7. 57 minutes ago, DaveCT2003 said:

    No promises, but we'll take a look at it.


    Most airlines specifically have their pilots avoid Deicing with engines on because the wings often have to be inspected after deicing and this can't be done with the engines running.  With engines off, all but the APU related opens to the aircraft are already closed except for RAM Air which of course is normally closed.  As such, so long as your'e deicing with the Engines off (and preferably APU off if ground power is available) then  you've more or less satisfied the conditions the Ditching Switch would do.


    But as I said, we'll take a look at this.


    Best wishes!



    Most airports won't leave you a choice where to de-ice. If it's not done at the stand you have to start the engines. You would not shut them down again for deicing.

  8. 2 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:


    Emi (Emanuel) is a pilot with a major airline. I knew him for many years before he became a commercial pilot and I can say without reservation that Emi is one of the most knowledgeable flight simmers I've ever known - a real "all that with a bag of chips" type of a guy.   Being completely candid, there aren't too many people I listen to in flight simulation world, but Emi is one of them.


    Essentially,  you get 50% reduced Speed Brake deflection when the Autopilot is on. Turn off the Autopilot for full speed brake deflection.


    Reference:  FCOM DSC-27-10-20


    lol Dave, thanks for the kind words. Just because I fly professionally that doens't mean I can't be mistaken though. Especially on a type I do not fly ;)

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  9. Most certainly this is a company option. If JBU ordered Airbusses at different times, etc. then it is not surprising that different models behave differently.

    Those of the airlines we looked at worked like it's modelled in our version of the Airbus.

  10. Was heißt denn "spielt verrückt"? Ich bezweifle stark, dass der Autopilot das Flugzeug in's Trudeln gebracht hat, wie Du oben schreibst, denn das ist defakto unmöglich.

    Nicht nur aufgrund der operational Limits des Autopiloten oder der über den Autopiloten hinausgehenden Stallprotections, sonder nicht zuletzt auch, da es defakto unmöglich ist, ein Flugzeug im P3D überhaupt zum Trudeln zu bringen.

  11. EOSID's are company specific and thus not available in our charts, which do not represent the charts used by a specific company, but the charts as offered by LIDO.

    Note that not all airlines use EO SID's. My airline for example does not have any EO SID charts. We have them in text form in our OPT.


    I really don't see what I should justify here....

  12. Good morning Johnny,


    do you have any resources or any numbers confirming your statement about the reverse effectiveness? Our projectadvisors did not see any problems with the reverse.


    I could of course just tell the developer to increase it. But how far? We need precise numbers if you claim this to be wrong. Something which i show a developer and tell him: Incrase it to this level.


    Our pilots told our developers the current levels are good.

  13. If Jo Erlend decides, for whatever reason, not to give you permission to use his textures then you can not use them. Sorry, but it's easy as this.

    I'm not saying you are a pirate by the way, for personal purposes on your own system you can do whatever you want with any of our products. Only if you want to publish them you need to be careful.

  14. 21 minutes ago, Jakub Lukaszewski said:

    I would not like to sell this with existing scenery. I would only like to sell Ground Poly. And I didn't want to put a screenshot without buildings so I decided to show my gp with old scenery. In this old scenery we have to change a lot, because a lot of things don't go together. That is why I would like to transfer my work to someone who knows how to do it.


    However, you say yourself:

    " I used some of [Jo Erlend Sunds] textures in this project."

    You can not sell ANYTHING which you used (the correct word if you want to sell it would be "stole") from another payware scenery. That's piracy.


    " Everything has been done in 3DS max on student license (I am student) "

    You might be a student but the EULA of the student license clearly excludes any commercial purpose. In other words: You are not allowed to sell your creations, even though you can legally use the 3DS Max student version.


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  15. The problem of course is, if you start ignoring certain values you're runnign the danger of ignoring valid numbers as well and thus make your aircraft less "flexible" according to certain external influences.

  16. Take a close look at the fuel page you have opened already, there is no fuel in those tanks which are supposed to feed the engines. Thus they quit. I recommend you to fly the tutorial and read the step by step guide carefully. There will be a lot of info in it, however there are many vital parts which are important to know to operate the A320.

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