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  1. How about we let him speak for himself then? Even though to me his last post was pretty clear as he described exactly what FSL is doing in their Airbus on the PA button. But I am sure he will clarify in his next post.
  2. He wants to click the PA button, that's the button which pilots can use to talk through the PA system using their headset mike. Either the other developer got a seriously wrong implementation of the functionality of that button or his last post is not the same as yours. Normal PA's like fasten belts, etc. are already implemented since years, are they not? Indeed we had them long before the other developer even released
  3. I know another developer implemented it like this, but it's not how it works in the real aircraft. In real life the PA system is a 100% real time system, meaning what you say is heared in the cabin instantaniously. No delays at all. Thus recording what you say and then repeating it in wing views would not really be realistic at all. Why not just switch to the wingview and then say what you want to say?
  4. No, you can install it on the new system without problems. Make sure to remove it from the old one though, your license is only for yourself, you can not give the old computer to someone else to use your Airbus.
  5. Please refer to details and instructions given in FSLabs' manuals and forums to learn how to import routes in their aircraft. They give great advise on theit sites and unfortunately (for some) didn't make it as easy as other developers did.
  6. I tend to say that's rather unlikely. At the time most of these sceneries were developed PBR was not even announced by Lockheed yet. Adding PBR to a scenery requires months of work for just a single scenery. There was simply no budget planned for these months and months of work. This means developers would do months of unpaid work. With this said, never say never. But it's unlikely.
  7. While it's not the ideal solution, have you considered simply to add a takeoff burn of those 500lbs into the PFPX profile of your aircraft? PFPX has this option and then it'll generally add 500lbs to the fuel required for climb. It may give you odd values when you fly short flights at lower cruise levels as you'll most likely burn less than those 500lbs, but for most flights it should work.
  8. Miguel, Oliver said there was a new version of Frankfurt for X-Plane release. I said there's a box version of Frankfurt for P3Dv4 released. Both are correct and not in any contrast to each other. Your picture highlights Frankfurt for P3Dv4. And indeed, there is a box version released, which is new (there was no box previously). Therefore the productpage is correct, a new product is released. The box contains the same version as the downloadversion.
  9. As far as I am aware the box version is new. Previously this scenery was only available as a download, now you can get a box as well.
  10. I don't think a P3Dv4 native version is planned, but on my personal computer the P3Dv3 version, which is included in your FSX purchase, runs fine in P3Dv4 when manually added to the scenery library. Please note however that you add it at your own risk, there is no support given.
  11. How do you load the Airbus, do you use any default aircraft which may have the autopilot engaged at 100kt or less in the defautl scenario? And do you use a betaversion or the latest stable release?
  12. Thanks for the report, probably some rounding errors. I'll make sure to ruin Hans' weekend with it
  13. Indeed like people already said earlier on there are different fuel tank configurations available for the real aircraft when you order it from Airbus. Holiday carriers like Thomas Cook, but also many US airlines have those installed to fly those long flights. Unfortunately our reference aircraft we used during development didn't have them and while it was easy to find out the additional tank capacity there was just no information available about how it works in the background. Therefore it is possible to overload our Airbus using the methods already described here. But please note that this is not officially supported so if you run into issues the first step we will ask you is to remove that mod again.
  14. While you should have filled the FMC I agree with you though that at least in selected modes it should be working even without FMC information entered. Not taking any gurantees here for the real aircraft, you never know with Airbus. I believe what is causing your issue here is that the selected speed is jumping from your target down to 100kt for some split seconds every now and then. This causes the thrust to reduce and the to rise again, leading to an average N1 slightly below what would be needed to maintain your target speed. While probably unrelated I want you to do a small test for me please: Could you try to set the speedbug to the top of the amber bar +15kt (instead of the +5kt as in your video) please and see if the speed gets stable anywhere before going into the amber bar? If yes, at which speed is this? This might give us a hint if my above theory is correct. Obviously we still have to find the cause of the target speed jumping down itself. Do you have anything connected to your computer which might try to set the target speed? Maybe some hardware FCU, MCP, etc.? Does the same happen in managed mode (then of course with a fully programmed FMC)?
  15. If you use an nVidia card it might have one included already. Otherwise I don't really have any recommendation, sorry. In the worst case you mobile would do the job as long as everything is readable.
  16. You can change the values in the aircraft.xml files, but as Mathijs said, no gurantees taken that you will not run into issues if you do this.
  17. Some screenshots might also be helpfull here, it is always very hard to follow up on such a situation without seeing what actually happens. Or even better a video if you can take one and upload it somehwere and post the link here.
  18. And why is there no W-LAN cable connected?
  19. At the moment we can not tell you when you expect this, sorry. We can only confirm it is part of what we want to add in the future.
  20. On a small note additionally to Toms answer: Did you click on the "show old orders" button above your previous orders list? There is an explanation text right above the list of your new orders which says that we changed shop systems in early 2017 and that you can access all your old orders by clicking the "show old orders" button. We can assure you we do not delete any orders, you paid for them, so you can use them. Whenever you want. The rest of your issue will be checked in the support ticket Tom asked you to raise, in there we can look everything up and check if there's something wrong with your order. Please make sure to include the order number in your ticket so that we know immediately what to look for.
  21. Ich glaube nicht, dass es hier noch ein Update geben wird, aber sage niemals nie. In der Zwischenzeit gibt es jedoch einen Usermod für GSXv2, mit welchem die Jetways alle bediehnt werden können.
  22. I would not recommend changing the aircraft.cfg file Ray. According to PMDG that could cause all kind of problems with their aircraft as most of their calculations are done outside of FS. My GeneralEngineData section looks the same as yours. I assume you follow a normal climb profile, aka NADP, 250/M.whatever results from your CI, do you? In my airline we always enter the TOC wind in the cruise wind field on the PERF INIT page to get a more economic climb speed resulting from the CI. Not sure if PMDG models the wind effects on the CI resultant speeds at all (I believe they do not), but this might make a small difference. Then, if you get a reduced climb thrust (CLB1 or 2) you can clear that and use full climb thrust as soon as ATC clears you above FL150. From then on it's always full climb thrust, which saves a bit of fuel as well. Do you retract the retractable landing lights when you raise the gear? The myth says these use an additional 50kg when they're extended until FL100. Whether that's true and whether PMDG modelled it is another question of course.
  23. Hi, which altitude and speed/mach did you fly and were there any changes in temprature at that point? I'm thinking you might just have been on the transition of SPD/MACH and maybe some fluctuating tempratures (which in return have a direct influence on the mach number) caused the constant changes.
  24. I don't quite remember, sorry Rudy. Just give it a try yourself, maybe carry some extra fuel on the first couple of flights and do frequent fuel checks and at the end of the flight compare the fuel used after landing (before taxi-in) with the scheduled trip plus taxi fuel for the flight. That should help you finding the correct bias.
  25. This is caused by TomatoShade for sure. It will happen with most aircraft for which you have no profile installed. There are two solutions: Get a Tomatoshade profile for our Airbus or remove Tomatoshade. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, it is 100% caused by the way Tomato works.
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