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  1. The A330 for X-Plane is by another developer and not by Aerosoft. There will not be a release for FSX.
  2. Please run a forumsearch, there have been numerous threads on this and the answer is simple: It's not a bug.
  3. Good morning Johnny, do you have any resources or any numbers confirming your statement about the reverse effectiveness? Our projectadvisors did not see any problems with the reverse. I could of course just tell the developer to increase it. But how far? We need precise numbers if you claim this to be wrong. Something which i show a developer and tell him: Incrase it to this level. Our pilots told our developers the current levels are good.
  4. If Jo Erlend decides, for whatever reason, not to give you permission to use his textures then you can not use them. Sorry, but it's easy as this. I'm not saying you are a pirate by the way, for personal purposes on your own system you can do whatever you want with any of our products. Only if you want to publish them you need to be careful.
  5. However, you say yourself: " I used some of [Jo Erlend Sunds] textures in this project." You can not sell ANYTHING which you used (the correct word if you want to sell it would be "stole") from another payware scenery. That's piracy. " Everything has been done in 3DS max on student license (I am student) " You might be a student but the EULA of the student license clearly excludes any commercial purpose. In other words: You are not allowed to sell your creations, even though you can legally use the 3DS Max student version.
  6. The problem of course is, if you start ignoring certain values you're runnign the danger of ignoring valid numbers as well and thus make your aircraft less "flexible" according to certain external influences.
  7. Did you do any modification to the effects or light in your simulator? Normally this issue shoudln't happen, however it can happen if the size of your lightbeams has been increased since then they are no longer shining next to your cockpit, but into it.
  8. Hi Sven, schick am besten direkt eine E-Mail an support@aerosoft.com, dort wird man dir schneller und effektiver helfen können.
  9. This points to something interfering with the fuel system. Which other addons do you have? Does the same happen in the tutorial flight?
  10. Take a close look at the fuel page you have opened already, there is no fuel in those tanks which are supposed to feed the engines. Thus they quit. I recommend you to fly the tutorial and read the step by step guide carefully. There will be a lot of info in it, however there are many vital parts which are important to know to operate the A320.
  11. This is an english forum, please post in english only or look for the respective subforum in your language.
  12. I've also used Chaseplane all the time with the CRJ during all my tests. No such issues.
  13. Ahh, you should have said that you didn't actually start the descent! In this case you're right of course, you should have gotten the message. I'll leave the rest ot Bob, he'll help you!
  14. Hi Kai, are you sure this is how the system works? You don't need to decellerate when you start a normal descent.
  15. Please have a read around the forums and you'll find answers....
  16. You can change all paths manually, if you run a quick search you'll surely also find out how.
  17. Ben, with no disrespect, but which aircraft do you fly? Little toyplanes aka Cessna 172 or Piper 28 in CAVOK conditions or real aircraft with hundrets of souls on board with thunderstorms close to the airport and gusts up to 45kt and more? This one's a real story, happened a couple of months ago. An about 20 year old aviation geek visited my flightdeck during boarding who happened to be a simmer as well with a couple thousand hours on VATSIM. He told me how much he loves Boeings NGX. I asked him what an NGX is. He looked strange at me seeing that we were sitting in a 737-800. Even after digging a bit deeper he did not seem to have a clue where the difference between a 737NG and a 737NGX is. Small hint as I'm sure there'll be some simmers around here who don't know either: One costs 80$ list price, the other 80.000.000$. Heck, he even spotted a "mistake" right away and without even bothering me with it he reset my MCP altitude from 5100ft to 5000ft. He was even kind enough to tell me I forgot to execute my FMC routing and did it for me without even asking. A very helpful guy! Weather at our destination was quite a bit bumpy with some 30kt crosswind.We made a textbooklanding. On centerline and on the aiming point with a positive touchdown. After landing this same guy came to my cockpit again and asked me what went wrong during landing that we made such an impact. Correct piloting technique, as every pilot would know, would have been to hold it off the ground, bleed off the speed and then touch down, however he could understand that as an FO I still needed to learn and no landing could be perfect. He could fully understand that it would have been hard for me to judge the height above the runway, since this only comes with experience. I was impressed, right from the passenger seat this 300h Cessna pilot knew exactly what went "wrong" during my landing, he even knew exactly how I can improve next time! Darn it, why did I not know all his expertise after spending a hundret thousand bucks on professional flight training and years of flying. Next time I'll have this gentleman land the plane for me, I am sure the accident investigators will rewrite major parts of the pilot training manuals after evaluating the flight data recorder from the burning wreckage in the trees next to the runway. Long story short, this is pretty much my opinion on the average flight simmer or Cessna pilot. I have absolutely nothing against these people, both simmers and general aviation pilots have great ideas about what they're doing in their respective field. Simmers usually have a broad understanding of aircraft systems while the average GA pilot has a good understanding of his Cessna and all associated piloting techniques. However: Just because you have an idea in ONE field of aviation you don't know it all. Even a 737 or A320 pilot will not be able to give a sound judgement of an A380's flight dynamics. It's different. Totally different. In fact: Every aircraft is different. Not even two 737's build within a week from one another fly exactly same. Therefore, with all due respect: If you don't at least have experience in airliners, let alone in widebodys or in fact A330's, please be so kind not to mislead other people by saying you're a pilot and you know it's not ok. On a sidenote, in my airline it is SOP to set the MCP altitude to the expected initial climb altitude +100ft until the clearance is obtained as a reminder that you're not yet cleared to climb up. The Route page is executed once the routecheck has been completed during the takeoff briefing, when both pilots are happy that everything has been entered correctly.
  18. (it's gonna be one of the last mondays of the year as well)
  19. Simply enter the weight in pounds and then change the unit to KG and simbrief will convert it automatically for you. There is no such thing as one realistic zoom factor. If you want it 100% realistic, the PFD, ND, etc. screens are about 20x20cm, so adjust your zoom to match the size on your monitor. If you don't have a home cinema set you'll probably rather just find something which suits your monitor. The wideviewsetting in the P3D options might be of interest for you as well if you say you can't zoom out far enough for your likings. Neither 8 nor 16x will work unless you get sufficeint frames (we're talking some 60fps or more for these). Up to 4x should work on most computers.
  20. No I can not and this line of discussion ends here. If you want to use something for personal purposes don't store it in a public domain. Sorry.
  21. Because it was part of a line of discussion which was removed. If you want to use a list for personal purposes I am sure you also have it stored somewhere locally. After release the previewtopic would have been deleted anyway, as it usually is the case. I am sorry you find it offensive if your post has been deleted, however this is a commercial forum and not a public one. Aerosoft decides what stands and what not.
  22. Did you fly American or United in the 777 when PMDG released theirs? We know almost everyone did, despite those airlines only have -200ER's. It's your personal choice if you want to wait, however the vast majority of flight simmers (including those die hard hardcore 12h holding near DXB guys) will in the end not care.
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