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  1. Then you know best that a quick a dirty fix has nothing to do with giving your best
  2. Our aim with the A330 will, just like with the A320, be to simulate the aircraft from the pilots day to day life perspective.
  3. Edit: The new version should now be available to all of you. Please check your shopaccount for: (DD_EPKK-KRAKOW-X_V2_FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM.exe - 12.11.2018 07:23:00 | 558 MB)
  4. Hi, we never had an automatic takeoff function implemented in any of the FSX versions, neither we have one now. Just like in the real Airbus the pilot will have to rotate himself.
  5. Only the data which is required by LIDO customers is included. In Turkey I doubt any major airport would be removed any time soon (it's still very usable as alternate, emergency diversion, etc.), but in other parts of the world some airports are not included. Santos Dumont is one of those if I'm not mistaken as in South America many airlines fly on Jepp data and those using LIDO are not using Santos Dumont.
  6. Hi Frank, it is available already: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/2545/epkk-krakow-x-v2?c=1030
  7. Hi John, sounds like you have a conflicting scenery installed. Anything from ORBX like FTX Vector or an AI traffic addon maybe? Try to disable their files for LGSK and see if that helps.
  8. Hi, 109.55 is the current frequency. We'll have to check with LIDO, it might just be a mistake in their chart. These things sometimes slip in occasionally, even with the best providers.
  9. If you select a wider gate size in the AFCAD AI planes might crash into another at those gates. The P3D AI engine is dumb, it will simply crash aircraft into one another or even into the user if the gates are big enough.
  10. You might be able to correct the frequency in the AFCAD with Airport Design Editor. As the earths magnetic field is stationary in the sim I would not recommend changing the course. This would only result in trouble with the ILS approach becoming offset.
  11. I don't think there is any way we can change this at the moment. This sounds like it is more something for TFDI to look into as that's basically what their program does.
  12. Hi, der LS Button zeigt lediglich den LOC und GS auf dem PFD an. Mit dem APPR Button fängt der Flieger diese ein. Das Keyword hier ist das FMA. Dieses zeigt dir immer genau an was der Flieger machen wird. Wenn der gewünschte Mode nicht im FMA erscheint, wird der Flieger das Manöver auch nicht fliegen.
  13. On some certain graphic cards the Dynamic Lights seem to have a larger impact than on others. On my personal GTX980 I always have a hugh loss of fps with DL, even it its just a few lights. Others having the same card and settings do not have such a large loss. Not just at Cologne, but at any airport.
  14. This could indeed be GSX lvl 2 with its custom jetways. If it has replaced your jetways at the standard airport and created exclude files for the default jetways this could explain what you see. Make sure to disable those at EDDK!
  15. Release will not happen on a sunday. At the moment most of our team is in Lelystad for the FS Weekend. Once they get back to the offices next week we will see how to go on.
  16. For everyone experiencing this: When the failure happens, could you open the P3D Fuel and Payload dialogue and take note of your fuel values in each tank?
  17. Hi Juan, I assume your AIRAC is up to date and you also installed the latest RAD restrictions and directs?
  18. Hi Emir, Turkish authorities have in the past prooven to be very restrictive with access to their airports for proper photoshootings. If we could get their full permissions to do all the necessary photoshootings the new Istanbul airport would for sure be a very interesting airport to do, without such access it is close to impossible to do though realistically though.
  19. As Juergen already correctly said, the issue with these multiple gates systems is that P3D can not make a difference between them so it sees all three as seperate gates. And therefore it will place three seperate airplanes on them if you include all three in the AFCAD. Therefore sometimes you have to leave some of the gates out in order to be able to put other in and to avoid AI traffic crashing into one another or even into the user if he's parked on one of the gates. This at the moment unfortunately is an issue with the P3D AI engine and nothing we can do anything about.
  20. How are you able to tell the AoA from looking at the aircraft? Have you measured the angle of incidence on the A321 wing and measured the flight path to compare the two? You might be confusing Pitch with Angle of Attack here which are two completly different and indipendant things.
  21. What you describe is normal behaviour. THR CLB is the most corresponding to CLB mode. The Airbus will pitch for speed in CLB and thus THR CLB is still the thrust mode since it will keep climbing with full thrust, regardless of what the speed is as long as you are in CLB or OP CLB. The pitch is then adjusted to keep the desired speed. That's how this mode is designed to work. Imagine it like LVL CHG in your favorite Boeing. Only in VS or FPA modes during climb the A/THR will engage in SPEED mode, adjusting thrust to maintain the speed. The big difference between real life and simulation is force feedback. The real A320 has a very high resistance on the side stick and even the smallest input will make quite a difference. In return this means that if you have a joystick with a low resistance then the Airbus will feel very easy to oversteer. This is nothing we can really change, you simply have to be careful with the controls. When connected to a stick with a realistic force the Airbus will be very easy and precise to fly. Just as the real one. While the picture seems to be missing (pic 1, 2 and 4 are identical and show your departure from Palermo) it seems like you might have a misunderstanding of what the WXR should indicate. Assuming you mean the same departure from your screenshots above, it does not look like anything should be shown on the WXR then. A WXR shows precipitation, not clouds. And it does not look like you had any precip there. Setting the tilt to -5 while in WX+T mode will not give you any good indication as the beam is just pointing down and there is not a lot to be shown there. In case you tried to see some terrain returns (which is the only reason I can imagine you to turn the tilt down during departure), this will only work if you made the according switching on the WXR panel. Which from your description you did not seem to do. And obviously you need to have the brightness of the overlay turned up, just like Tom described you for the terrain already.
  22. On top of what Stefan said already, keep in mind another little detail: The quality of the final visuals does not depend on texture size at all. It depends on how much area you cover with a certain texture file. If you cover a small area with a 1024 texture it can look a lot better than covering a large area with a 4096 texture. Did you know for example that PMDG uses mostly 1024 textures in their cockpits? Just take a look at their files in paint.net or phonoshop. Yet their aircraft look amazingly stunning! And on the other hands side I have seen other developers using 4096 textures whose aircraft look quite blurry if you go close up. It all comes down to what the texture artist does with the files, not to what resolution he uses.
  23. When we get the files we need to test them ourselves, set up productpages, create installers (which again need to be tested), etc. Also note that sometimes if our tests find problems the developers might have to fix those first before release (this must not necessarily be the case here, but in general could be something that might impact a release). I'll see if I can get some information on the exact status here.
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