!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Hi Shaun, thanks for your quick reply. After I have disabled "Aircraft casts shadows on the ground", it works like a charm! Thank you! Kai
  2. Great! - Looking forward for the upcoming release to have Aerosoft Faro added in AES! Cheers. Kai
  3. Hi All, since yesterday I got the whole Faro X, but I'm still not able to find any AFCAD file, also my AI-Traffic (WOA) is not available at LPFR as well. ... or did I miss somethings? Thanks & Cheers, Kai (only 13km from ZSSS airport)
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