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  1. Jetways appear to be working now.. (wont really line up with the doors etc, but not a problem)installer still wont recognize the SODE folder though...
  2. Hi, Recently installed Tromso X FSX:SE edition. Trying to connect the airport to SODE but that wont work. Using the Tromso - Jetway Configurator I get an error trying to locate my SODE path folder. It says "Incorrect SODE common data folder path". I am choosing the 12bPilot in (C): Program Files (x86). The folder DOES contain the Sode folder, and it works with several other airports. The download does not contain any in fo about the sode (Like it says in the jetway config) in the manual. I have tried to exclude SimObjectDisplayEngine from Windows Antivurs. This guy had similar problem. However, I do not have a SODE option in my FSX addons menu. I also found another forum with same issue, and what fixed it for them was to turn off "Hide protected operating system files" in Folder Options, but still Tromso Jetway Config cannot find the folder. I have tried to select both 12bPilot folder and the SODE folder itself, nothing changes.. same issue. Here is my sode platform manager: Does anyone have a solution or a suggestion? All help appreciated
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