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  1. Thanks for the feedback - will download again today
  2. No this is the version on sale from today at Aerosoft download shop - "Aerosoft Download Shop Dear Customer, thank you for shopping at Aerosoft Online! Order Number: 363267 (Please refer to this number in any future correspondence)" Thanks for your response - as I said with crash detect off one get no crashes at runway threshold, but with it on one get crashes continuously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks alot - I diabled crash detect and crashes stops!!! Compliments to the developers - ME LIKE!!!
  4. How do one add a image\picture to these posts?? thanks
  5. Hi, Just bought the above from FSDG via Aerosoft Download shop. After installing And in FSX when choosing active runway and pressing fly now button I get a crash and the whole FSX reset and crash again and again as shown in jpeg attahmment!! Please help !!! THANKS
  6. Hi, I just bought Frankfurt-Hahn and installed it - I must say this is without a doubt Aerosoft's( Peter Werlitz's) masterpiece!!!! Absolutely exquisite!!!! Anybody out there who still are not sure whether to buy it - believe me you won't be dissapointed! Keep up the good work boerseun
  7. I have AddonConverterX up and running and the airports show up nicely- even at night the runway is lighted and airport buildings as well - the only problem I am trying to solve is the flickering? Any suggestions Thanks
  8. HI, can anyone out there PLEASE help me with Ibisa X (FSX) runway flickering? On the ramp as well as runway it is as if the default textures bleed through the Aerosoft Ibiza X texrures causes a terrible\annoying flickering of textures!! I have tried everything SO FAR, including a reinstall, uninstalling UTX, other addon scenery etc. - to no avail!!!! I am running Win 7 x 64 & FSX in DX10 preview mode HELP - I want to fly there and land! Thanks
  9. Appreciated, THANKS YOU
  10. First of all well done with a fabulous plane!! I think the flightsim community have been waiting for a good simulation of the older Airbus aircraft. I sincerely hope you are going to built on this and later release the A300-600R? Secondly, is there a way to determine the plane's cg% in order to determine the precise take off trim as indicated in the TAKE OFF CARD illustrated in the Normal Procedures Manual? I hope this does not sound as a stupid question, but is there maybe someone who can help me? Thanks boerseun
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