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  1. Hi iam testing Antartica x bests Craig
  2. Dave, i have the same set up my friend and i have got things working well nearly prop lever on throttle works flaps lever heres what i set mine to hope it works for you too. in settings i set up the prop lever to fsx standard and the flap setting to flaps compatability option this made the flaps worked with no ill effect not all switches work but hey when have they ever worked with ever aircraft all the best have a nice day Craig
  3. Well i think you better go and read your books because according to wiki the Katana came out as the DA20-A1 Katana this was launched with the faithful 80 hp Rotax 912 engine Right heres the interesting bit It was also launched as a DA20-100 Katana it had the 100 HP rotax912s engine on board so i think home work in order and if your really stuck heres the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_DA20 all the best Craig
  4. Hi there just a question if you open the workshop tab are any of the icons as in parts of the aircraft an orange colour when these issues occur? rgrds Craig
  5. Hi Craig, I have had issues with most of these that you have had i personally after finding these issues completely rebooted my pc and all but the towbar speed issue was resolved. I am running win 7 64bit and i must say after the reboot i was in awe of this little plane and ive tested a few . Mathijs if you need help on the towbar speed issues then contact me but just one question will there be a paint kit released? Good work guys love it regards Craig Hobson
  6. Thats fine but when some of us where promised houses and we offered good money for them because of being board members and where told yeah you can have 1 then it never materiealising . Any how when any board member or exboard member puts a bid in for a house and then gets told you cant have 1 that to me is favoritism and unfair i think everybody must be made to pay for them how has them and everybody regards as to weather you hate them or love them or even what position they hold should be inmaterial everybody should have an equal chance of owning a house or plot with out political interferance. You dont buy a new house in real life and ask the prime minister if you can have it do you well it appears to have happened here in the past. regards Craig
  7. so the exonline director helped to do a good job then lol great news
  8. Vote for me as Airport Director i brought you the online side of Andras Field imagine what i could do for the airport regards Craig
  9. Hi Matt may i ask a question are you running some kind of weather engine rex or something simlar? the reason for this question is that squarkwin pulls the weather from the internet and sets it accordingly if you run another weather engine it may be conflicting it is advised to switch off weather engines and let squarkwin do the weather for you . hope this helps regards Craig
  10. even with new service update still wont accept it its still that gps module dll causing issues for me we any nearer a souloution guys regards Craig
  11. Hi Shaun my dll is 249 kb regards craig
  12. I am still getting these errors i have moved it up in the list in the dll put in what Mathijs said run as admin i either get an error ands crash to desk top or a .0 in the mcu which makes the aircraft unusable so as for now shes in the hanger any other ideas would be nice regards Craig p.s i even redownloaded it that didnt work either
  13. Thanks guys for the help i had a very serious brain fart lol i moved the dll entry to the top of the list and yes you where all right it worked thank you so much off we go for another 3 hours in the cockpit regards Craig
  14. Hi there i installed last night and flew a few routes and really enjoyed it . today thought i would giver it a real work out started fsx and got this error see picture.If i say yes it crashes to desktop. I uninstalled it all reinstalled it and saw as it installed that the gpsmodule.dll really did instal with the airbus so please can you fix it cause i really wanna fly her wings off regards Craig
  15. Ok sorry been away guys right heres my 2 pence worth lol, Kasper please come and find me on teamspeak i will try and do my up most to help you in ts i am just username Craig with an sa after it i cant be there 24/7 but i will try as hard as i can to be around to help . With reading the forum about the online server debates i would like to put the view in like this and see if you agree. As we have said people fly Vatsim Ivao etc people will always fly them and thats no bad thing but why should the big players in online servers have everything going thats not fair in my opinion. The reason as already be said is because VAE is simple its a community which dont just host Andras Field there are virtual airlines there and flyins planned for the future they really make you feel at home and nothing is to hard work to help people .VAE is that approachable that its like asking your partner to dinner it really is. The other reason that i can see is we do have a growing community of simmers who have either been badly treated online experienced the rough end of gamespy or simply are a bit scared as i think most of us where about the whole online flying thing. Well we are in the process of making the events forum into a joint events and online forum any issues can be posted in there and i will deal with them as i have before but also i will be posting like a dummies guide to online flying there which there is 1 out there already i did bet you didnt see it !! This is to help people come and try online flying again in a safe no hassle environment to help the community grow and thats what we believe VAE provides a safe no lots of procedures fun place to realise the true magic we all know as online flying. When i get the go ahead in the forum we will get it running ok best wishes Craig
  16. VAE guys do have atc capability my advice would be go and grab Robert or 1 of the team in teamspeak and see what you can do if no joy them mail me and meet me in ts and we will see what comes out of it i will try my best guys regards Craig
  17. Yep please go to www.virtual-aviation.org register as this is our online partner and then once you become registered click on server info tab at the top click the teamspeak tab and all the info is there for you regards Craig
  18. With all due respect Fredrik this is not your concern as online manager it is my job and i can assure you that VAE only goes down for a few mins then the back up server for teamspeak kicks in we have multiple back up so this reall isnt nessicery regards Craig
  19. Fantastic yep it will be good and yes expect the online manager to really show you how not to do it lol just kidding . May i make a surgestion that all competitors login to the server and taxi over to the military compound thats the hanger area oppersite the apron the other side of the runway and spectators login and stay put on the aprons this way we dont have to fight through the traffic to get the competitors airborne as it will take some coordination well just a thought regards Craig
  20. Darem just a thought why not send vae an email asking to be affiliated then your airline is on the official server for andras field makes sense just a thought regards Craig
  21. Welcome to my a Dummies guide to online flying, Yes designed as is the series of books,it my way of helping you members of Andras Field to take the plunge and go and join us online. It really isnt that scary unfortunatly i am at the moment not going to talk about how we connect as we can do that as we go along and myself and a very dedicated management team at Vae will help you and hold your hand in the set up proccess until you are ok with using the software. This guide will give you the do's and dont's we expect whilst flying online at Andras Field and also on the server these rules aren't set in stone but we would like people to use them as it will make everybodies online experience easy and fun and hopfully will stop any problems. It is also designed to show newbies to online flying that it really isnt that scary and help you realise exactly what you are missing out on. ok here are the Do's Teamspeak we run teamspeak 2 client set up guide on the vae website, We use ts for radio contact and also meeting new members and generally having a good time you dont have it get it you are so missing out on a great community AF enhances that so dont be on your own login and talk to people . There are several rooms in ts three main ones for this guide are Andras Field Unicom , Long haul and enroute these are for now the unicom channels if you are in or around Andras Field then you should be in the Andras Field Unicom room. for general chit chat then thats what the relaxation room is for. Unicom room how to use Ok so your logged into the server and you notice theres people flying next open up ts and go to the andras field unicom channel in there this bit is VERY IMPORTANT tell andras field pilots what your intentions are so like this we are at the ramp and want to taxi to rw 27 we say it like this Andras Field traffic type (say your aircraft) cessna G-CJVA ( you must say your tail number) taxiing and holding short rw 27 . Yes it really is that easy so fully for me it would be Andras Field traffic type cessna 172 G-CJVA taxying and holding short rw27 anounce all movements if a plane announces on finals and your holding short please wait for them please every movement announce with your tail number not your username when its busy its easier. really is that easy. If you are along way from andras field then use the other unicom the same as explained. on the server ok please make sure that you spawn on a gate or ramp not a runway its really off putting when on short finals to see a plane pop up in my 747 that would cause me to go around so please take notice of this How easy is that so come on what you scared of!! ok now for the Dont's dont spawn on runways it doesnt happen in real world so it shouldn't happen in flight sim dont talk all over each other in unicom if its busy then please wait your turn to speak you wont be held up for may more mins by the time you do your runups it will be your turn. ok thats it the main emfassis on online is have FUN and really you people who havent plucked up the courage to go online then you really are missing out on a great community . I have brought people online and now they have realised how much more fun it is to talk to people and enjoy flying together there really is nothing to be scared of. If you are a little mic shy then pleas spawn at a gate online and sit and listen until you feel happy about having a go thats how i learnt many years ago p.s noone will shout at you if you mess the calls up ok that raps up the do's and dont's so what you waiting for!! regards Craig
  22. Of which i have been given the task of showing it to you via preccomp display isnt that right Jane
  23. Yep Ole is right they are all seperate servers to be a member of 1 doesnt mean you have to be a member of all servers if you dont want to be regards Craig
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